sabato 1 dicembre 2012

London and back

§ Non mi odiate ......
Non ho scattato neanche una fotografia!! ma era tutto così bello,grandioso ed affascinante che ridurlo a pochi dettagli mi sembrava un delitto e ho impresso tutto nel mio cuore e nei miei occhi.

§ Do not hate me ......
I did not take one single picture ! everything was so beautiful, grand and charming that reducing it to few details seemed a crime and I impressed everything on my heart and eyes.

§ KDF è stata un'esperienza bellissima.
L'anno scorso come espositore non avevo visto NIENTE ma quest'anno mi sono rifatta :o))) Siamo entrate alle 10,30 e siamo uscite alle 17,00,ossia quando ci hanno sbattute fuori. Abbiamo salutato vecchie amiche e conosciuto nuovi affascinanti personaggi che ci hanno recitato buffe poesie di Mills e con cui abbiamo parlato di pittori Rinascimentali.
Appena potrò fare le foto vi mostrerò cosa ho comprato ;o)

§ KDF has been a fantastic experience.
Last year being an exhibitor I saw NOTHING but this year I made up with it :o))) We got in at 10,30am and went out at 5pm, that is when they threw us out. We greeted old friends ( Nikki,it has been such a pleasure meeting you, big hugs) and met new charming characters who quoted Mills' funny poems to us and with whom we talked of Italian Renaissance painters.
As soon as I'll be able to snap a pic I'll show you my buyings.

Tate Britain
§ E poi la Tate.....
La mostra sui Pre-Raffaelliti è stata un'esperienza fortissima.
Chiamatemi scema ma di fronte ad alcuni quadri mi sono messa a piangere.Le emozioni erano troppo intense e vedere queste opere dal vivo intensifica ogni sentimento.

§ And then the Tate ....
The Pre-Raphaelites exhibition has been such a strong experience.
Call me stupid but in front of some paintings I cried. Emotions were too strong and looking at these works in real enhance any feeling.

April Love
§ Uno dei miei preferiti: April Love.Cercate la figura maschile nascosta dietro la colonna, notate il suo gesto mentre bacia la mano alla fanciulla e notate il turbamento di lei. Quante emozioni,quante storie nascoste in una tela.

§ One of my favourite: April Love. Look for the male figure hidden behind the column, notice his gesture while he kisses the maiden's hand and perceive her perturbation. How many emotions, how many stories on one canvas.

Muriel's Kitchen
§ Su un fronte più leggero ecco il ristorante dove abbiamo mangiato l'ultima sera: speciale, adorabile, accogliente, colorato e abbiamo mangiato BENISSIMO. Alla faccia di chi dice che in Inghilterra si mangia male!

On lighter side here is the restaurant where we dined our last night:special, adorable, cozy,colourfull and YUMMY. Regardless of those who say that in UK is impossible to have good food!

E poi la Tate Modern, Camden Town, Kensington, Westminster, Knightsbridge, i pub, le librerie, i giri in bus per spostarsi vedendo il più possibile.
Il sole, la pioggia, la gentilezza delle persone, i sorrisi, le architetture capisce che amo Londra :o) ?

§ And then the Tate Modern, Camden Town,Kensington, Westminster,Knightsbridge, the pubs, the bookshops, the bus strolls to move and see as much as possible.
Sun, rain, people's kindness,smiles,wonderful architecture....can you feel that I love London :o) ?

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11 commenti:

minifleur ha detto...

What a beautiful painting. I can understand why it made such an impression!
Lucky you to attend the Christmas Kensington! I look forward to seeing your treasures!

BiWuBär ha detto...

Back from beautiful London and full of impressions and experiences and without a photo... *sigh* okay, I forgive you... ;O)


C ha detto...

Lucky you! I went in March and it was wonderful. I so wanted to go back. But what you say about imprinting everything into your heart is so true. Best wishes, Carol :)

Lucille ha detto...

So happy that you enjoyed your holiday, Rosanna! Sometimes it's nice to just go somewhere and forget about the camera and enjoy our surroundings. Looking forward to seeing your mini treasures. That is a beautiful painting and that lovely girl is wearing my favourite colour. I find that we don't often see purple dresses in a painting.

Sans! ha detto...

I must say I haven't seen a painting yet that made me cry. Music has that effect and one or two buildings. It is quite involuntary. One moment you are moved and the in the next second, the tears formed. You don't even know where that came from.

How in the world did you manage to see so much in such a short time? You and Fai will make a great team :).

Think of me when you are trekking today :).

Margriet ha detto...

It must have been a wonderful experience!!! I know just what you mean with the emotions you feel when you looked at the paintings. I once visited a exposition of John William Waterhouse and I sat half an hour in front of one was so magical!!!

The Old Maid ha detto...

That's not stupidity it's sensitivity Rosanna! Beingsensitive just shows your love to art.:) I love London too and it's so easy to see you had a great time there.:)
Hugs and kisses

Daydreamer ha detto...

Oh, Lucky you, Rosanna!!! I LOVE London! And the Tate Gallery is see the Pre-Raphaelite paintings must have been such a Joy!!! And the KDF as a buyer this time .....! I can understand why you forgot to take pictures!!! I can't wait to see the purchases....!

Unknown ha detto...

Oh che bel reportage, sembrava di essere lì con te!
Gironzolare solo fra donne poi non ha eguali!

Giac ha detto...

Hello Rosanna,
I am so happy you had a nice trip! It sounds like you had a lot of fun! Hopefully we'll meet at the KDF one day ;)
Big hug,

Mari@ ha detto...

Carissima deve essere stata una bellissima esperienza. Ci credo che ti sei emozionata davanti a quei quadri da sogno... Un abbraccio