lunedì 21 giugno 2010


Siamo a casa !!!!
Stanche ma felici.
Abbiamo passato due giorni meravigliosi e ,anche se ora siamo un po' sbattute, ne è valsa la pena.
Ci siamo godute ogni singolo istante (^_^)
Siamo arrivate sabato mattina alle 8.30 dopo aver trascorso la notte in treno ma subito dopo aver lasciato i bagagli in albergo siamo scappate a gironzolare per la città.
Era "freddino" (per minimizzare) ma ci siamo scaldate correndo di qua e di là.

We are at home !!!!
Tired but happy.
We spent two gorgeous days and, even though now we are a bit proved, it has been worth of it.
We enjoied every single minute (^_^)
We arrived Saturday morning at 8.30 am after a night spent in train but as soon as we left the luggage at the hotel we went out to stroll around the city.
It was a "bit cold" ( to say the least) but we warmed up running every where.

La prima cosa vista uscendo dalla Metro: l'Operà.
First thing we saw getting out of the Metro: the Operà.
Place de la concorde dalla Madeleine / from la Madeleine
Vicino a Fauchon; miam miam
Close to Fauchon; yummy
La Madeleine
Gioco alla turista
Playing the tourist
Dolcissimi acquisti - Sweet shopping
La Tour Eiffel
Due deliziosi piccoli fauni che giocano negli Champs Elysees
Two delightful little fauns playing in the Champs Elysees
Galleries Lafayette
Il clou della serata !!!!! la grande tavola degli amici !!! è stato BELLISSIMO, GRAZIE A TUTTI
PS è stato molto più brillante della foto sfuocata :o(

The evening big event !!!!! the great table with friends!!!! it has been WONDERFUL, THANK YOU EVERYBODY
PS it has been much more brilliant of this blurred picture :o(

Il mio mini tavolo
My mini table
Due amiche felici e contente di essere lì ^_^
Two friends very happy of being there ^_^

Il seguito a domani.....
To be continued.....

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Rosa-kreattiva ha detto...

io adoro parigi... che invidia.... sono curiosa dei dettagli non del tuo banchettino e di tutte le meraviglie che hai visto li in giro :-D
a domani allora

cockerina ha detto...

che bella tavolata di amici!! ce li presenterai tutti, vero?? ho riconosciuto solo un paio di volti...
e che belle facce sorridenti, davanti al tuo piccolo ma prezioso banchetto! siete raggianti, tu e Roberta, si vede che siete felici di essere lì!!
hai venduto tutto??????????
non vedo l'ora di leggere il post di domani!!!
bacio!! Caterina

Lucia Gabrieli ha detto...

Wow, avete passato un weekend magnifico! Che invidia davvero!!!! Il tuo tavolo al Simp era davvero bello, mi spiace non essere potuta venire a fare acquisti...
Aspetto il seguito delle avventure parigine!

Maddy ha detto...

Ciao, bentornata !!!!!!!!!
Grazie di condividere con noi questa tua splendida esperienza!
Dal luccichìo dei tuoi occhi, salta...agli occhi la tua felicità, perdona il bisticcio di parole, ah ah ah !!!
Un complimento particolarissimo per l'allestimento della tua postazione, sei bravissima, tutto da acquolina!!!!
Attendo friggendo le prox foto, un abbraccione !♥


Glenda/MidSouth ha detto...

Thanks for sharing your trip to Paris with us! Loved seeing the photos.

PetitPlat Food Art ha detto...

I didn't even had the time to stop by! I saw you when I was at my table, looking beautiful and happy :)


kimsminiatures ha detto...

Rosanna So glad you had such a wonderful time. Your table looked adorable. I would have loved to have been there too. Can't wait to see more. Hugs~ Kim

Debbie ha detto...

Rosanna, I love the way you displayed your Tea Cosies on the Giant teapots. What a lovely original idea. You look really Happy and I'm so pleased you had a wonderful time. Looking forward to the next instalment. xxxx

Ascension ha detto...

Gracias por las fotos!!!
Que bellos trabajos llevaste a la feria.
besitos ascension

hannajaleijona ha detto...

Fantastic display of amazing needlework!

Your cherry and plum pillows are gorgeous (among others) and the tea cosys are soooo good. It's lovely to hear that Paris was enjoyable.


Anonimo ha detto...

sono proprio contenta per te...^_^
tanti baci e a presto
fiore svizzero

Eva ha detto...

Ah! Rosanna I am happy to hear for you. Your stand looked wonderful!!
You and Roberta look pretty and happy too.
We want more pictures :)

Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Wonderful pictures Rosanna!
Everything looks perfect and everyone looks so happy!

Vittoria A. ha detto...

Parigi e' unica! Il tuo viaggio deve essere stato bellissimo! :D
Che esperienza, ti ho vista tanto contenta davanti al tuo bachetto!

Norma ha detto...

Thanks for taking us with you through the pictures :) Your dinner party looks wonderful!

by Sonya Rotella ha detto...

Bentornata Rosanna,
bellissimo il tuo tavolo e fantastica l'idea delle teierine.
I tuoi lavori facevano un figurone!

Linda Carswell ha detto...

It was lovely to wake this morning and find all your wonderful photos of many memories there!
I adore your display at SIMP,it looks so original and eye catching, plus all those amazing little stitched so beautiful! I bet you had some very excited people when they saw your work.
(I shouldn't write it again....but oh! how I wish I was there!!!!!)
I'm trying to work out who the two gentlemen are at your dinner party...I'm asuming one is Christel's husband....but the other...???

Linda x

Catherine ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.
Catherine ha detto...

Catherine ha detto...
I am so glad you had such a good time. I am sure it was wonderful to have the chance to meet so many friends from blogland.
I loved seeing the pictures you took in Paris. Your table display was brilliant! I love the teapot cut-outs displaying your lovely cozies.
I can only echo everyone else's comments... You indeed did look elegant, beautiful and happy!

Patty ha detto...

Rosanna, Thank you so much for sharing the photo's of your mini trip to Paris! It looks like you had so much fun and how great to meet so many friends from online!! Your booth looks so wonderful!!!! I love your tea cozy's and you had the perfect display for them!!

Margaret ha detto...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip to Paris with us, the photos are amazing. The sweet shop is divine, the cherubs, the same. Your table was perfectly displayed, so lovely and you obviously had a great time. Smiles all around!

Jill ha detto...

Oh Rosanna, your table was beautiful! All those gorgeous creations-- I bet everyone was thrilled to see you there! I remember the first time I saw one of your creations in person. It took my breath away!

Sans! ha detto...

I see I have missed this post before this morning's email :). Firstly, let me echo the others and give you my heartiest congratulations to a unique, pretty, clever, effective and totally Rosanna table display! It is
WONDERFUL! I will email Fai and Marg this post for their viewing :).

Great pictures, I can recognise 4 people at the table, Rosanna. There's Sylvia and Sabrina right at the end , you and Roberta :):). Everyone looks glamorous and totally befitting of the fashion capital of the world, PariGi! :) You look good, Rosanna but I think you have lost some weight!

miniacollection ha detto...

You did a lot in Paris apart from the fair. I can see it was a super weekend.

Flora ha detto...

Ero sicurissima che il tuo stand non sarebbe stato affatto poverello come temevi: infatti è una meraviglia; tra l'altro, quasi quasi era troppo piccolo!
Anche io aspetto con curiosità di leggere la 2^ puntata delle avventure di Rosanna in Paris :-)
Un abbraccio, Flora

julie campbell ha detto...

Rosanna it was so lovely to meet you at the show, your work is so beautiful ! I only wish I had got to your table before I had emptied my purse :0)
julie xxx

Pubdoll ha detto...

It was so nice to meet you and Roberta at SIMP! Cocco said afterwards that you seemed to be a very kind person, which I could only verify, and we both thought you was beautiful!

I'm so pleased with my pillows, now it's less hectic I have had the chance to take a closer look at them - from the photos I have seen earlier I never had imagined the stiches to be that small! It's incredible that you manage to make them at all, and with such precision too!

Wonderful pictures from Paris and nice to see the one with Roberta, Christel and all the others at the dinner party!

Puppenstubennostalgie ha detto...

Vielen Dank für die schönen Bilder Rosanna.

Liebe Grüße PuNo/Monika

Daisy ha detto...

I hope you had a lot of success... I know there must have been so many people who admired your work. Your table display looked just lovely :)

sylvia ha detto...

Great pictures!!!
Just like the weekend that I'll never forget, it was so wonderful to meet you.

Hugs Sylvia

Sabiha Barkey ha detto...

Wonderful, Rosanna!

It was wonderful to meet you in real and give you a real hug!!!
I am still very tiered but satisfied with all my wonderful memories of this trip.
I have borowed the pic of us together at the restaurant at my blog too, because my pics were not useable at all! I hope you don't mind!

Big hug and 3 kisses,

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan ha detto...

Tuve el placer de ver tus trabajos en directo y realmente son preciosos.
Muchas felicidades!!

Katie ha detto...

What a beautiufl table you had! Love those cupcake tea cozies!! It's so neat to see how all of you can come together and meet each other! And what beautiful gifts!! :)

dale ha detto...

Sounds like it was such a fantastic time! Your display looks charming and you got to bring home such great goodies and meet with friends. Marvelous! :)