venerdì 15 giugno 2012

Technology vs Steampunk

§ Mi sono arresa ....
Io, che odio la tecnologia, che non accendo mai il televisore , che uso ancora il passaverdure a mano , che uso il pc  per il blog e per navigare sul web ma che ho bisogno di aiuto per qualsiasi problema, ho cambiato telefono.

La ragione è pratica ; quest'estate partirò per un viaggio da sola e andrò abbastanza lontano e da qui nasceva il quesito su come mantenere i contatti con la famiglia.
Le opzioni erano due , o compravo un laptop  oppure cambiavo telefono ..... ho fatto la mia scelta seppure con dispiacere.
Io voglio bene al mio telefonino steampunk ! si accontenta di poche briciole di carbone, funziona SEMPRE , mi ha accompagnato in giro per il mondo , mi ha permesso di telefonare anche nel bel mezzo delle piantagioni di canna da zucchero in Brasile , su un atollo a Zanzibar , al centro della Malesia , perfino sul Monte Antola ! mi sembra di tradirlo, anzi no, lo sto tradendo !

Però oggi ho portato a casa il nuovo bambino , adesso sta facendo la pappa e stasera , con l'aiuto di Matteo proverò a configurarlo. Ho già gli attacchi di panico !

§ I gave up ....
I hate technology , I never switch on the TV and I still use manual grinder .
I only use the pc for the blog and surfing on the net but I need help whenever I have a problem , that's me and I changed my mobile.

There is a practical reason ; this summer I shall travel alone and quite far from home so I needed something to keep in touch with the family.
Two were the options , either I bought a laptop or I changed the mobile .... I made my choice even with some regret.
I am fond of my little steampunk mobile ! it feeds of a few crumbs of coal , it ALWAYS works , it came with me all over the world ,  it allowed me to call in the middle of sugar cane plantations in Brasil, on a atoll in Zanzibar , in the center of Malaysia , even on the Mount Antola ! I feel as if I were betraying it , actually I am !

Nonetheless today I brought the new baby home , now it is feeding and tonight, with Matteo's help , I shall try to set it.  I already have panic attacks !

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Drora's minimundo ha detto...

Cheer up, you are not alone here. It seems that we learn quickly if we do it one step at a time. It's also good when your teacher is about your own age.
Hugs, Drora

Patrizia ha detto... primo amore non si scorda mai......tienilo per ricordo.....lui capisce e si accontenterà di stare in un cassetto.....perchè sa che collegato a lui ci sono ricordi indimenticabili!!!!
Buona configurazione!!!
Baci......però siamo curiose di sapere dove devi andare di cosi tanto lontano....e da sola!!!!

Caseymini ha detto...

Rosanna, while it is sleeping, needle point it a new jacket. The little phone will be forever greatful for the gift and the two of you will become the best of friends. Good luck with setting it up. It's good to have a son that knows about such things.

Milena ha detto...

che viaggio intraprenderai sola soletta?

Flora ha detto...

Telefonino steampunk... mi è già simpatico!
Ma non temere: con la velocità con cui la tecnologia ci lascia indietro, anche il nuovo tra poco sarà da considerarsi vittoriano!!!
Io il mio primo ce l'ho nel cassetto del comodino e ogni tanto gli dò una bella carica e mi diverto a rileggere la rubrica e gli sms che vi sono ancora custoditi :-)
Però sono curiosa di avere maggiori dettagli sul tuo misterioso viaggio... Suona molto bene...
Intanto un caro abbraccio

Catherine ha detto...

I can sure relate to all of that. I hate fooling around with these sorts of things.

You buy something as thin as a wafer 3 inchs by five inches and it comes with something that looks like the New York City telephone book to explain how to use it.

The Old Maid ha detto...

I am sure you will get use to it quite fast, Rosanna!
Although...mine "new" mobile (it's more or less 5 monthis old) is still kind of ... wild sometimes.;D
Have fun with it anyway.:)
Hugs and kisses

BiWuBär ha detto...

You traitor!!! Poor old steampunk cellphone... teehee, I have no doubt you will get used to your new hightech gadget soon. I don't dare to say this loud, so please come a little closer so you can hear me... *whisper* I'm a technological dinosaur, I only use these things to make telephone calls in important cases and not for anything else. Please don't tell anyone else... what a shame... (LOL)


Wee Cute Treasures ha detto...

You poor thing. I know EXACTLY how you feel. My own mobile is even older than yours, has no photo ability and I have to turn it on and off with a pen or screwdriver. yours it never lets me down. I am sure you will quickly adapt though and have lots of fun with the new one.

My elder son gave me a Kindle about 15 minutes ago as a thannk you present for helping him get through college. I am really pleased but will feel I am betraying my actual books. Oh the struggles we have.

Best wishes from a rain-drenched Ireland, Carol :) x

Linda Carswell ha detto...

Rosanna, I have grown to love my iPhone and iPad and all the amazing things it has to offer.....including face to face calls with our beautiful girls while we are here in France and they are at home.....books, movies, photos, videos, diary etc, much to enjoy!!! I think "apple" should offer me sponsor!!!!

Linda x

Maria Blanca "AyamontinoMaria" ha detto...

Bueno, yo soy otra que usa un telefono bien antiguo y sigo encantada con él...Espero que consigas "entender" el nuevo...Un beso

Susanne ha detto...

Separation anxiety can be cured. You will love this one too ;-)
Hugs, Susanne

Lucille ha detto...

You'll be okay, Rosanna. I'm sure of it. It's wonderful that our children are so knowledgeable when it comes to all these technical things.

Ilona ha detto...

You shouldn't be afraid, Rosanna! Once you are used to this one, you'll love it too :)!! See it like, who changes all the settings without asking: we don't like it untill we get used to it :)!
Hugs, Ilona

Kikka ha detto...

Wow, You`ll be fine with the new technology sooner than you`ll know.
You just have to let yourself "Learn by doing". And You have the best helper/teacher!

Jill ha detto...

Congratulations on your new phone! I was resistant to getting a smart phone also, but oh wow... it changed my world!
I totally understand your feelings about your phone that has travelled the world with you. I had a pair of shoes like that. Even when they became green and moldy in the Japanese humidity I just scrubbed them up and continued on! I've retired them now, (thank goodness, eh?!) but still have the memories.

Craftland ha detto...

I also have an old cellphone. My son have the newest one, but it is not easy enough for me. I wish you the best ;)
Hugs from Craftland

cockerina ha detto...

io pure sono tecnologicamente arretrata :))
pensa che il telefonino touch screen (si dice così? boh?) che mio marito mi ha regalato a Natale scorso gliel'ho reso perchè non sapevo nemmeno accenderlo. ah ah!
mi piace che vai in vacanza da sola, possiamo sapere dove? intanto fai buon viaggio e DIVERTITI che te lo meriti, e poi porta con te il vecchio cellulare, non sai mai che ti dovesse servire di più del nuovo, a volte questi moderni ti fanno pure il caffè ma non prendono il segnale.. ah ah ah!

Virginia Isabel CoMa ha detto...

Anda que no cambian las cosas. Y además muy rápido.
El móvil nuevo lo conozco y es una maravilla.

Norma ha detto...

Certainly you're not alone in your panic at the idea of changing your techno buddy!

Thanks for your comment on my blog, appreciate your input :)

Amy ha detto...

You may fall in love with it! Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I love how you call the old cell phone steampunk.

I have an old cranky cell phone, one that has no internet. It texts but I don't text. It takes pictures, but really bad ones. I forget to turn it on. But I use other machines, and bring one of them with me at all times. I try so hard not to use it while I'm out, I should be talking to the people I'm with, looking at the places I'm in. So I understand. But how do we get by without them? I don't mind being able to find out where I am when I'm lost, or to find out the name of a book I've forgotten or where my friends are. My car once broke down a long time ago, in a remote place, and there were no mobiles then, no way to call for help, no way to tell people where I was. And a man drove up, who was up to no good. So I'm very happy that you'll have a phone with you, and will be safe!

Dolly ha detto...

Oh good luck Rosanna with your new baby! Are you travelling somewhere nice I hope?

Technology! Don't get me started! My ipod has died, I no longer have a cd player to play my old cd's on and I am regretting ever listening long ago to those who told me vinyl was finished.

Sans! ha detto...

World, I am possibly one of Ro's early beneficiary of her conquest of her fear! A message texted with a free app with her new smartphone :).

And although it is far from perfect, it is better in more ways than we wish because it will mean forsaking the old.

Then again, an original Apple-1 computer, 36 years old and still working was recently sold for over $370,000. That's like buying 300 new computers! There will always be someone who love the old enough :).