martedì 11 giugno 2013

Il tempo scorre.... - Time is running out....

§ Miei cari
vi ricordate il mio contest?
Alcuni di voi mi hanno mandato foto, GRAZIE MILLE ((^_^)), ma vi aspetto ancora più numerosi.
Avete ancora tempo fino a Sabato 15 Giugno.

A presto :o))

§ My dears
do you remember my contest?
Some of you have mailed me their pics, THANK YOU VERY MUCH ((^_^)), but I am waiting many more of you.
You have time till Saturday 15th June.

See you soon :o))

3 commenti:

Mona ha detto...

If I only had one of your fine embroidery I would send a picture to you. Your embroidery is beautiful.

BiWuBär ha detto...

You really made me laugh with this picture of my alter ego... some of my friends know me as the White Rabbit... no time... no time... yep, always more plans than time, I guess. But in this special case I won't be late! ;O)


Frederica ha detto...

Hi Rosanna , its frederica from New Zealand , yes I am always admiring your beautiful work when I am at Mercedes house and would love to be in the competition
love from Frederica