giovedì 2 aprile 2015

39 ragioni per cui l'Italia è decisamente da evitare - 39 reasons why Italy is actually the worst

Genova Quarto
§ Se volete rifarvi gli occhi cliccate QUI e non ve ne pentirete

E non per vantarmi ma tre foto sono della mia Regione :o)

§ For some eye candy click HERE and you won't regret it

And not to be vain but three pics come from my Region :o))

Manarola, 5 Terre

7 commenti:

Pepper Mitcheson ha detto...

My Mum must hate visiting every year, for the last ten years =0)

miniaturista ha detto...

Que fotos tan buenas, son lugares preciosos para visitar y las comidas que has puesto muy apetecibles.
Un abrazo

Linda Carswell ha detto...

Beautiful!!!! Stunningly BEAUTIFUL!!!!! X

Daydreamer ha detto...

Oh, Rosanna, I Really Hated to see all those ugly pictures.... I am sure I would never want to go to Italy ever again!!!

BiWuBär ha detto...

Aaaarrrgggghhhh... I'm blind... I'm blind now... all of this ugly stuff made my eyes sore... I can only hope you're busy now with packing your stuff and moving to... whatever because anywhere is better than THIS! ;O)

Hugs and thanks for giving me a big grin on the face

cockerina ha detto...

seeeee vabbè! Puglia batte Liguria 4-3... ahahah!
un bacio e buona Pasqua!!

Wee Cute Treasures ha detto...

Those photos of Italy have just fed my soul. I have visited many of the places shown and these photos take me back to all those lovely holidays. Thank you for sharing. Carol :)