domenica 17 gennaio 2016

Regali per la casa - Gifts for the house

§ I piatti sono stati dipinti da Emma di  Paris Miniatures e sono venuti a casa con me da Parigi ma la piattaia è nuova  :o)

§ The dishes were painted by Emma of Paris Miniatures and they came home with me from Paris but the shelf is new  :o)
§ Questo è un altro regalo di Marylynne che mi ha davvero viziata
E' un piccolo pezzo perfetto, peccato che non si riesca a vedere l'incavo per i piatti

§ This is another gift from Marylynne who truly spoilt me
It is a perfect little piece, it's a pity that I cannot show the groove for the dishes

§ E' bellissimo davanti ....
§ It's beautiful on the front ....
§ .... e sotto, dove si vede la firma del costruttore
§ .... and underneath where you can read the builder's signature

§ Marylynne mi ha regalato anche questo dipinto.
Rappresenta un paesaggio invernale nel West Virginia, il suo paese di provenienza, ed è perfetto per la mia Casa
§ Marylynne presented me with this painting as well
It shows a winter landscape of West Virginia, her own country, and it is perfect for my Casa

§ Il motivo per cui amo le miniature oltre alla loro bellezza ?
Perchè si possono condividere belle amicizie  :o)

§ The reason why I love minis apart from their actual beauty ?
Because you can share wonderful friendship  :o)

6 commenti:

miniaturista ha detto...

Muy bonutas minis y mejores amistades.
Un abrazo

miniaturista ha detto...

Muy bonutas minis y mejores amistades.
Un abrazo

Daydreamer ha detto...

Your dishes are very beautiful, Rosanna! So is the plate shelf! It has a beautiful and delicate rail on the front. The painting of the West Virginia mountains is very special! It is great to have friends from far away places! I really LOVE the color of your walls.... and I hope you are making little things for Casa Rossa too!

Catherine ha detto...

Gorgeous new dishes. I also love the shelf. Lucky you to have reciecved such a wonderful painting.
I agree.... One of the best things miniatures has brought me are so many friends.

MelyGiunta ha detto...

Quante belle cosine!!! I piatti sono stupendi.

BiWuBär ha detto...

Marylynne has spoiled you for sure with her wonderful and thoughtful gifts - just perfect for the Casa Rossa. And although you might be surprised, but I really admire the picture... despite of its theme (*blarg*... cold, white, disgusting stuff... I had to date my snow shovel - do I have to say anymore?) If they come along as beautiful as in this picture even I like snowy landscapes! *grin*