venerdì 4 marzo 2016

Buona Pasqua - Happy Easter

§ Sì, sono in anticipo, lo so!
Ma non potevo più aspettare per farvi vedere i lavori di  Ketty Pierro

§ I know, it's too soon !
But I couldn't wait any more to show off with Ketty Pierro's works

§ Queste meraviglie le avevo ammirate a Milano ma, per il solito motivo...pochi soldini con me ;o), non ho potuto comprarli

§ I admired these wonders in Milan but, for the usual reason, little money left ;o), I didn't buy them.

§ Appena tornata a Genova però ho cercato Ketty su FB e le ho chiesto se potevo comprare i suoi lavori on line

§ As soon as I came back to Genoa I looked for Ketty on FB and asked her if I might buy her works on line

§ Mi ha detto di sì  ((^_^))

§ She said yes  ((^_^))

§ E così i germogli nelle uova sono arrivati da me  :o))))
§ Thus the sprouts inside the eggshells arrived to me  :o))))

§ Non solo loro però             § But not only them

§ Anche un alberello e tante casine piccine picciò

§ Also a wee tree and many teeny tiny houses

§ Ogni casina ha un minuscolo anello per appenderla ai rametti

§ Each little house has a diminutive hook to suspend it on the small branches

§ La scatola è un gioiellino         § The box is a small jewel

§ Tutti i lati delle casine sono diversi !

§ Every side of the teeny houses is different from the other

§ E' una splendida decorazione per Pasqua

§ It's a stunning decoration for Easter

§ E i dettagli sono meravigliosi !!
§ And the details are marvellous !!

§ Grazie Ketty , sono bellissime miniature e mi donano sorrisi ogni volta che le guardo

§ Thank you Ketty, they are beautiful and they  give me smiles any time I look at them

10 commenti:

cockerina ha detto...

una delizia per gli occhi! :) ottimo acquisto!

Daydreamer ha detto...

Oooooohhhh, those tiny seedlings in egg-shells are just Perfection!!! I can see why you could not resist them!!! And the Tree with the little bird-houses is very cute! In our part of the world some people hang bright colored plastic "eggs" on their bare branch bushes and trees! It always looks so cheerful in the land where the green has not yet returned!

Linda Carswell ha detto...

Some times the best thing about a fair is to see the quality of a miniaturists work.....I have made many a purchase after a fair as opposed to 'at' the eyes usually wonder and it is hard to make those pesky dollars (or euros) stretch further than they do. Your new items are very sweet....well done! A (very early) Happy Easter to you and yours....Linda x

Elena Fusari ha detto...

Fantastiche compere. Non so se sono più incredibili quelle minuscole casette o la confezione che le contiene. In ogni caso sono bellisssimeeeee!!!!!!!

Josje ha detto...

Very sweet! I love the little houses in the trees and even the box is wonderful. And the little eggshells are so very cute...They just shout spring...I can imagine you were happy to get them after all.

BiWuBär ha detto...

In Germany we also hang plastic eggs in our trees or bushes in front of the house - but lovely birdhouses are so much nicer... and not only for Easter! This is for sure a decoration for 11 months of the year - and in the 12th month you can decorate the tree with Christmas baubles. Wonderful purchases - I truly admire the seedlings in the box... What a fantastic idea with the eggshells.


Milena ha detto...

Davvero un ottimo acquisto! Congratulazioni!

MelyGiunta ha detto...

Che dire....stupendi!

Hannah ha detto...

All so beautiful!

carmen ha detto...

que buenos los huevos!