giovedì 21 febbraio 2019

Miniaturitalia 2019

 § Miniaturitalia è passata da due settimane ma è viva nel cuore.
§ Miniaturitalia was two weeks ago but it's still alive in the heart.
§ Questa è  una veloce carrellata di parte dei miei lavori
§ This is a quick show of some of my works
§ Sono felice di dirvi che sono stati apprezzati
§ I am glad to say that they have been appreciated
 § E tra poco il mio negozio Etsy riaprirà
§ And my Etsy shop will be reopened soon
§ Se volete informazioni scrivetemi, sarò felice di rispondere
§ If you need any information feel free of writing, I'll be happy to answer
 § Spero che i miei lettini vi divertano
§ I hope that my beds made you smile

5 commenti:

Daydreamer ha detto...

Wow, Rosanna, you have put together some fantastic bed arrangements!!! I love the "bunk beds" with the fantasy designs painted on them! And the fabrics you used are so much fun! I am so glad you are making minis again! I can't wait to see more! :):)

Giac ha detto...

Buongiorno Rosanna,
Che belle miniature. sono tutti fantastici. Sono felice che abbia avuto un buon Miniaturitalia.
Grande abbraccio

BiWuBär ha detto...

Okay, here comes a list (let's hope I won't forget anything) about the things that made me really happy when reading your post!

I'm glad that you...
- are back into creating miniautres
- will re-open your Etsy store
- have been successful at the fair
- gave me so much eye candy!

Those beds are stunning... and I'm not surprised they were very well appreciated. For once they're stunning and beautiful - but they're also rare. Modern beds are not easy to find and creative, original beds for kids and teenagers are even harder to find. I too love the bunk beds, each theme so full of great and creative ideas (the one with the icy theme cries for a poster of Disney's "Frozen" *LOL*) and I too admire those delicate fabrics. Wonderful work!


paritosh ha detto...
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fahry ha detto...
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