venerdì 6 novembre 2009

Swap di Natale - Christmas Swap

§ Lo Swap di Natale può avere inizio!
Le regole sono semplicissime, ognuna di voi manderà un dono ad una persona e ne riceverà uno da un'altra amica.
Non voglio stabilire valori, pensate solo a fare ciò che vi viene meglio e non abbiate paura di non essere all'altezza.
L'unico limite che vi pongo è che deve essere un oggetto legato al Natale e NON deve essere rosso o verde; pensate ad un Natale rosa, viola, blu, giallo, argento, oro, nero, bianco....pensate a colori !!
Il dono dovrà essere spedito in un contenitore insolito ;o)) sbizzarritevi!
Ogni pacchetto dovrà essere spedito entro il 5 Dicembre per essere sicure che ognuna abbia il suo pacchetto in tempo per Natale.
Scriverò un post ogni 2 settimane come promemoria.
Per favore, quando spedirete il pacchetto mandatemi una fotina del regalo così potrò fare un post collettivo.
E ora ecco la lista dei nomi che è stata sorteggiata da Matteo, cliccate sui nomi per andare ai rispettivi blog e imparare a conoscervi un po'.

§ Let's the Christmas Swap begin!
The rules are very easy, each one of you will send a present to one person and she will receive one from another friend.
I do not want to state a value, simply think what you do better and do not be afraid of mistakes, you do not have to keep up with anybody.
The only limit is that it must be an object related to Christmas and it must NOT be red or green; think to a pink, purple, yellow, blu, silver, gold, black, white Christmas.... think in colours !!
The gift will have to be wrapped in an unusual container ;o)) have fun !
The present will have to be sent within 5th December to be sure that everyone will have her package in time for Christmas.
I shall post a reminder every 2 weeks.
Please, when you will send the package, email me a pic of the gift thus I shall make a collective post.
Now here is the list of names, it has been drawn by Matteo, click on them to go to the respective blogs and get to know each other.

Rosa ----> Linda ---> Tabitha ----> Kim S. ----> Roberta ----> Debie Lyons ----> Eva ----> Sylvia ----> Caterina ----> Mercedes ----> Maia ----> Christel ----> Whittaker's ----> Jill ----> Minikat ----> Marja ----> Ara ----> Angela ----> Begona ----> Debbie ----> Reisl ----> Donna ----> Sandra ----> Kim ----> Sabiha ----> Sans ----> Paola ----> Stephanie ----> Rosanna ----> Kathi ----> Folk Artisan K Arthur ----> Tink-Sonia ----> Karin F.----> Bear Cabin ----> Eva R. ----> Terry ---> back to Rosa

§ Se avete dei dubbi, scrivetemi.

§ If you have any doubt, write to me.
PS Debbie, I did not cheat ;o))

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Sans! ha detto...


kimsminiatures ha detto...

I'm so excited. Thanks Rosanna. I already have so many ideas. Hugs~ Kim

kathi ha detto...

Oh my! There I am right between two of the most gifted miniaturists I have EVER seen! I am shivering in my slippers here! What can I make for Kate Arthur?! Oh dear. Oh dear!
What will Rosanna make for me?? I am SO excited I can hardly stand it!!

Eva ha detto...

Wow!! I will start this afternoon!!! I will think in Sylvia aaaaaaaaaaaall day!....
I am sure that for all of us will be a wonderful SWAP and we will have a lot of fun.
Thanks Rosanna for organising!

Lize ha detto...

Great!!! (sarcasm)
I'm too late... :-(
On the other hand...Now I can sit (and relax) on the side line and watch (and try to copy) what great things you think up!

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Very well organised Rosanna!
Thank you!

Whittaker's Miniatures ha detto...

Oooh so exciting, I have the wonderful Christel to make for me, woopee! And have just popped back to Jills blog to see what she may like for her little pink house. Great organised swap Rosanna, will get started this weekend, fun fun fun!! Kate xx

Tabitha Corsica ha detto...

So many people, Rosanna! What fun! I will start immediately. This is gonna be sooo good....


Marja ha detto...

going to start using it straight ..
how nice!
Another question?
How do I get the address of the person?
I just go and mail ... okay?

Ara ha detto...

I emailed you Marja! Please let me know if you don't get it! Thanks for organizing this Rosanna!! Hugs - Ara

Kim ha detto...

so exciting! I add my thanks to you Rosanna- and a challenge in there to think outside green and red- how fun!

Unknown ha detto...

ciao Ro !!! sono ancora in tempo per lo swap ?

Unknown ha detto...

Okay dokey, sorry for being late. I will go and seek out the recipient of my item. Very excited.
Debie xxx