sabato 6 marzo 2010


Lately I've been a poor blogger and a poor correspondat.
To my excuse I can say that real life, mostly my 1:1 work, is killing me.
I run like a hamster in its cage ( literally) and I cannot get proper sleep because I keep dreaming it at night.
I really need some rest !
But I've received this award 4 times - girls, you are so kind, it's unbelievable!- and I've been very slow and I'm sorry about it.
Two awards went to La Stanza di Giuggola and two of them to La Casa Rossa.
They were granted to me by
Kiva from Haway
Irene from Edinburgh
Ira from Finland
Bearcabin from Wales

The rules for the award are:
1.Thank the person that gave it to you.
2.Copy the logo and place it in your blog.
3.Link to the person who nominate you.
4.Name 7 things about yourself that nobody knows.
5.Nominate 7 kreativ bloggers.
6.Post link to the 7 blogs that you nominate.
7.Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know that you nominate them.

I have followed the first three rules, now I shall comply to the fourth but please forgive me if I shall not pass it over to 7 new blogs.
I'm writing this post during my lunch time, I ave to run back to work and I KNOW that tonight I'll be to tired even to swith on the pc.
More over you are so incredibly creativ all of you.
Thank you all for you kindness and helpfullness.

1_ I prefer savoury rather than sweet food.
2- I cannot go underwater. My ...bottom... works like a lifesaver and keeps me up!
3- I'd like to take life more easily but I do a lot of things because I feel guilty about it.
4- Recently I've come to hate my customers/patients!
5- I'm afraid of heights. But only on man made buildings. Eva, you'd have seen me on the Sagrada Familia! I was glued to the wall and I had to go down sitting on the stairs.
6- I always sleep when I travel: I can sleep on airplanes, cars, boats, ships and alas I fell asleep even when I drive.
7- Obviously I hate driving !!

See you soon !!

5 commenti:

Eva ha detto...

Next time that come to Barcelona,let me know.
We will admire together the Sagrada Familia from another perspective!!
My fear with hights is when my husband or my son are very close to them...panic!

Debbie ha detto...

Oh Rosanna I know I shouldn't laugh but Number 2 made me giggle. I had a vision of your bottom bobbing along in the water.. LOL
As for heights I don't like them either, it makes me feel ill, especially if my boys get to close to the edge. I'm not as bad as Nikki who cries. I wonder why so mny of us don't like Heights..

cockerina ha detto...

che aspetti a mettere il traduttore automatico in questo blog??? ti risparmieresti la fatica di tradurre tutto in inglese ogni volta!!!
e a me, la fatica di dover ri-tradurre tutto in italiano!!!!!! ah ah!!
se vuoi, sono a tua disposizione...
baci, Caterina

Sans ha detto...

O Rosanna, I am a little sad to hear you have been so busy and tired. Poor you! I am a little better now but will get busy again on the week starting 15.

I think you are nuts about your bottom lol! That tiny bum can only support a tiny tea cup maybe. I think you float because you are light as a feather.

As I grow older, I too fear height and like Eva, gets very nervous if my nieces and nephews play too close to windows and balconies. I don't remember Sagrada Familia being scary but Effel Tower was because the structure rocks with the wind..*shivers!

Lize ha detto...

Oh Rosanna, how very funny your 'confessions' are! I can not stop laughing... sorry, it must be a real predicament to be saved by such a life saving!

I also want to commiserate with you because you are so busy. It feels to me that I too only come up for air (my bottoms do NOT float spontaneously) every now and then. Life is just too busy at the moment. Deadlines deadlines!

Here is to an IMPROVED LIFE and Bottoms UP!
WELL, Your post certainly gives new meaning to... 'BOTTOMS UP!"