martedì 20 luglio 2010

finalmente VACANZA !!!! - at last HOLIDAYS !!!!!!

Finalmente ci siamo !
Dopo un intero anno si avvicinano le ferie !
Sabato sarà l'ultimo giorno di lavoro e non arriverà un secondo troppo presto !
Sono sfinita !
E soprattutto non vedo l'ora di partire per un viaggio che prevedo MITICO !
Infatti andremo a Singapore, a Bali ed infine in Malesia .
Sans ed io ne stiamo parlando dall'inizio dell'anno, prima ancora che lei venisse a Genova e ora non sto più nella pelle.
Non vedo l'ora di riabbracciare Sans ed i suoi amici, di conoscere la sua famiglia ed il suo incredibile mondo.
Cercherò di restare in contatto con la blogsfera ma se non ce la facessi..... perdonatemi ;o)

At last they are here !
After a whole year holidays are approaching !
Next Sat will be my last working day and it will not arrive one second sooner than needed.
I'm worn out !
And most of all I cannot look forward this trip which I forsee as MYTHICAL!
Actually we'll go to Singapore, Bali and then Malaisya.
Sans and I are talking about it since New Year, even before her coming to Genoa and now I cannot wait anymore.
I look forward hugging Sans and her friends, meeting her family and her incredible country.
I'll try to keep in touch with blogsphere but if I cannot....forgive me ;o))

16 commenti:

Ara ha detto...

Sounds like a blast!! Can't wait to hear about your many adventures!!

Debbie ha detto...

Rosanna, I hope you have a wonderful trip and enjoy every minute. Don't forget to take lots of pictures.
Get Sans to take you shopping especially to the bead shops and give her a hug from me. Its going to be fantastic..Have fun my dear friend. xxxx

The Old Maid ha detto...

Oh, I know about your trip to Singapore from Sans! You both have a wonderful time there! Have a great holidays Rosanna!

Maddy ha detto...

Ti auguro il meglio del meglio fin d'ora, in questa strepitosa, sospirata e meritata vacanza!

Un gran bacione, divertiti e accantona il pc senza problemi, ora devi pensare a staccare la spina !

♥ Maddy

Susanne ha detto...

I wish you a wonderful holiday, enjoy everything, and please say hello to Sans for me too ;-0)
Love, Susanne

Flora ha detto...

L'itinerario è da sogno ma sono certa che la realtà supererà di gran lunga le aspettative :-)
Un grande abbraccio e buone vacanze, Flora

Maria Jose ha detto...

i hope you had a great time! you will have fun and relax

Lucia Gabrieli ha detto...

In tal caso....buone vacanze! Sono sicura che ti divertirai un mondo con Sans! La tua meta delle vacanze è stupenda, che invidia!!!! :)

Norma ha detto...

What a wonderful holiday you have planned!! I'm sure you will have a fantastic time together. If it was still my holiday time I'd fly up to Bali to meet you but my classes start again next week :(

Catherine ha detto...


How exciting and wonderful!!! I hope you have the best holiday ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do get Sans to take you to see the BEAUTIFUL embroidered hankies. They are white stitched on white. OMG! All my friends that went to Singapore came home with one. They were expensive (about 85.00 Euros) but sooooo worth the money! Everyone framed them and I was drooling and pea green! What a fantastic miniature bed cover they would make.

Sans! ha detto...

My arms are aching from being outstretched to welcome you since January , Rosanna :). I just cannnnnnnn't wait to have you here :). I will be devastated when it's time for you to go home but we shan't think about that! And for everyone here who is giving me hugs through Rosanna, please come and give me a hug yourself one day in Singapore! :).

Catherine, you must tell me about this mythical hankie. I will go hunt it down :) for you :).

Rosannnnnnna, why is it not Monday yet???????? Don't forget the bikinis!That and the passports. The rest you can buy here :). I told Margaret about Viganotti being closed till September through facebook. She can eat the ones we bought..hehe! I know you are going to scold us for keeping it so long but the rest of us are afraid of being fat!

Gemma (Gempo) ha detto...

Piano piano arribano, buone vacnaze per te e tutta la tua famiglia, un buon e meraviglioso viaggio, un saluto a Susan e baci per tutti. Ciao e fino a il ritorno

Terry ha detto...

buone vacanze Ro...aspetto un tuo dettagliato resoconto !!!!
mini hugs ♥

Meli ha detto...

Rosanna, your holidays are going to be great!!! Hope you have a lovely time with Sans and also rest and relax..
Take care,

Tallulah Belle ha detto...

Rosanna I am so envious.

Have a most wonderful time....Susan seems to be the perfect hostess.

Can't wait to see the photos.

miniacollection ha detto...

Wow! You're going to have a wonderful holiday. Not only you will discover new countries but you will also meet mini friends. That's wonderful. Enjoy your holiday and tell us about it afterwards.