domenica 1 aprile 2012

Sunday tea but no cake I am afraid

§ Signore e Signori , permettetemi di presentarvi il Sig Earl Grey !!!
§ Ladies and Gentlemen , let me introduce you to Mr Earl Grey !!!

§ Appartiene ad una stimatissima e rispettabilissima famiglia di Orsi  abitualmente residente a Wankendorf , Germania
§ He belongs to a most regarded and respected family of Bears usually dwelling at Wankendorf , Germany.
§ Birgit lo ha preparato per il viaggio e sembra che si sia ambientato bene
§ Birgit prepared him for his trip and seemingly he is setting himself pretty well

§ Sembra molto felice tra le mie tazze ;o) , le ha provate tutte
§ He looks like a happy camper among my cups ;o)  he tried them all

§ Ma alla fine ne ha scelta una , ci salutiamo tutte le mattine appena svegli e ci vediamo ogni volta che ad entrambi viene voglia di te.
§ At last he chose one , we greet ourselves each morning as soon as we wake up and we meet any time we need a cup of tea.

§ Non vi sembra molto soddisfatto ?
Birgit , grazie ancora . Earl Grey mi fa sorridere ogni volta che lo guardo :o)))
§ Doesn't he look happy ?
Birgit , thank you again. Earl Grey makes me smile each time I look at him :o)))

31 commenti:

Debbie ha detto...

He's a beautiful Bear, Rosanna.. x

Linda Carswell ha detto...

Little Earl chose a very pretty mug.....what a sweet little bear he is....and such a happy face!!

Linda xx

BiWuBär ha detto...

Earl may be small, but his taste is great...;O) Fantastic choice, little fellow! So good to see he made himself comfortable - but as you know, all BiWuBears have a little affection for climbing into mugs and cups! I'm so glad you like him and that he found a new loving home in beautiful Genua! In a way this all is still like a dream to me - imagine, just one week ago we were having a real "Kaffeeklatsch" all together!!! *beamswithjoy*

Birgit (and from Fluby, too)

luisa ha detto...

Earl Grey è un orsetto bellissimo e sicuramente di buon gusto.... ha scelto la tazza giusta giusta per lui!!!!!!!
Ho visto solo ora i tuoi nuovi acquisti, devo dire con tutta sincerità che avrei fatto anch'io le tue scelte, sono tutti fantastici!!!!
Buona domenica

Kathi ha detto...

Earl Grey makes me smile too! :D
So adorable!

Lavecinita ha detto...

Ohhhh que tierno,me encanta,un abrazo.

Eleonora ha detto...

Il suo musetto non potrebbe essere più soddisfatto! :)

Catherine ha detto...

Earl looks very happy to be at his new home. He's adorable.

Patrizia ha detto...


Daydreamer ha detto...

Oh, PERFECT! What a Smile!!!
And his Name betokens Great Taste!
No Wonder you smile every time you see him... It is Impossible Not to!

The Old Maid ha detto...

Beautiful bear and beautiful mug!!!
Oh I so much regret we couldn't meet....hopefully next time!

Vicky ha detto...

Earl grey is wonderful Rosanna!! He looks so gorgeous in your beautiful mug!! I loved reading about your visit to see Birgit and Flutterby on Birgit's blog.
Vicky xxxx

Fabiola ha detto...

Che bel regalo! Un orsetto adorabile.
Ciao Faby

Drora's minimundo ha detto...

Earl Grey is so sweet. A wonderful gift! So nice to have a cup of tea with this little fellow smiling at you.

Kikka ha detto...

Wonderful Mr. Bear.! Such a happy face! And a very adorable mug...

No home comes along without a Teddy!

Plushpussycat ha detto...

He's adorable! You are very lucky to have one of Birgit's precious bears. He looks SO happy! :-) Jennifer

Andy ha detto...

What an adorable bear! and a perfect name too!! He does look quite at home amonst the tea cups! Lets hope he gets some cake soon!!!

Andy x

minimariba ha detto...

E' bellissimo!!! simpaticissimo e coccoloso... earl grey nome azzeccatissimo!

Janice ha detto...

What a great place to put him. He would make me smile too!

Sans! ha detto...

I sent my bear back from Poland to Singapore. Otherwise I would have done a Sunday post too from Barcelona!

This is a lovely post Ro. Even I was touched and I didn´t even make the bear ! Earl Grey is very good looking but I think Sing a Pure is just a weeny teeny beeny tad cuter! Heh!

Patty ha detto...

Rosanna, He is so tiny and sweet! I love how he looks with your tea cups!

Lucille ha detto...

What an adorable little bear! A nice companion to start the day!

Cricchi ha detto...

Simpaticissimo e che bella casetta gli hai trovato!

miniacollection ha detto...

Earl Grey is charming.

Madame Chantilly ha detto...

E' un amore questo orsetto! :-)

Eva ha detto...

Mr.Earl Grey makes me smile too!! Soooooooo sweet and looks very happy at his new home :0)

Amy ha detto...

Hello Mr. Earl Grey! That's a very good way to wake up, to see his gently smiling face. I have a lady bug named Gus, yes, he's a boy, in my car, and he goes on trips with me. You should love your new home, Earl, it's a beautiful one.

Roberta ha detto...

Hai ragione! Vedere quel musetto che spunta dalle tazze riempe il cuore di gioia!
Spero di vederti presto, così mi racconterai del tuo viaggio.
Un abbracccio

Wee Cute Treasures ha detto...

I love his sweet face. Such a cute expression. Best wishes, Carol :)

Ascension ha detto...

Me encanta ese precioso osito.
Birgit es un cielo de persona y sus pequeños osos son una verdadera maravilla.
Espero que lo disfrutes mucho.
besitos ascension

Jollie ha detto...

Awww he is soooo cute!!!
And I can see he feels himself really at home at your place!

Hugs Jollie