giovedì 30 agosto 2012


Via Casaregis  Genova
§ E' arrivata la prima pioggia.
Le foglie si accumulano per le strade.
Immancabile sovviene alla mia mente

Si sta
come d'autunno
sugli alberi
le foglie. 
G. Ungaretti

§ First rain has come.
Leaves are piling up on the streets.
Inevitably this comes to my mind ..... forgive this more than poor translation of one of the more dramatic and beautiful poems ever written

like in autumn
on the trees
the leaves
G. Ungaretti

Scusate la malinconia ma l'Autunno, seppur splendido, non è la mia stagione preferita
Forgive my malincony but Autumn, however splendid, it is not my favourite season

5 commenti:

Patrizia ha detto...

Neanche la mia.......amo l'estate e la primavera, l'inverno mi piace un pò solo per il Natale!!!!

The Old Maid ha detto...

Already? We have so much sun and such a hot weather lately it is so hard to believe it!:)
I like your translation Rosanna.:) Very nice.:)
Hugs and kisses

BiWuBär ha detto...

What you're showing on your pic is one of the things I dislike about autumn, being busy sweeping leaves in the garden... ;O) But autumn can have its moments, too - for example lots of crafting time - however, beautiful poem!


Amy ha detto...

It is beautiful. And so is autumn. I miss it so much, living in a place of year round summer. I miss the leaves falling, cracking, the way they smell after it rains. The blue sky behind the orange leaves...

Sans! ha detto...

It is mine :). Maybe it's because we don't have the 4 seasons here. But then again, we don't have winter either and I don't like it.

You do so well in the sun, it is no wonder that you love summer.