venerdì 10 maggio 2013

My name is Day, Dollies Day

§ Il mio nome è Day, Dollies Day

§ My name is Day, Dollies Day

§ Mi avete chiesto il mio nick ed eccolo qui, un omaggio alle mie amate miniature ;o)

§ You asked my nick and here it is, a homage to my beloved minis ;o)

§ Anche queste casette, fatte in tutta fretta ed in totale economia con scatole ed avanzi di tappezzeria, sono legate al mondo del Burlesque.
Saranno in scena con me il giorno del saggio di fine anno....brrrr, ho i brividi al solo pensarci !

§ Even these little house, built in a hurry and total economy from cardboard boxes and wallpapers scraps, are bound to Burlesque world.
They will be on stage with me on the exhibition for the end of school year....brrrr, shivers on my backbone at the simple thought.

§ Questa dolcezza entrerà in scena con me all'inizio al suono di QUESTA musica.

§ This sweetie will enter on stage with me at the beginning with THIS music.

§ E questa sarà la causa di un repentino cambio di umore, una rabbia terribile perchè sarà sul palcoscenico distrutta ed irriconoscibile.
La musica sarà QUESTA.

§ While this one will be the reason for a sudden change of mood, a fit of rage because it will be on stage shattered and unrecognisable.
The music will be THIS.

Thank you Lucille, for letting me know that it didn't work properly.
I double checked last night but I was too sleepy :o)

§ Forse vi chiederete il perchè di un cambio così repentino, di due scelte musicali così diverse.
Ebbene perchè questo è il Burlesque, ti dà la possibilità di mostrarti per quella che realmente sei.
Perchè per tutta la mia vita mi hanno sempre considerato una cosina piccola, dolce, fragile e un po' ingenuotta.
Perchè nessuno ha mai voluto vedere come sono dentro, la forza, la rabbia, la determinazione, la sensualità, tutti elementi che il Tango di Roxanne mi permette di esprimere .

Ah, mio altro compagno di ballo è un frustino da equitazione ;o)

§ May be you are asking yourselves why such an abrupt change, why such different tunes.
Well, because this is Burlesque, it gives you the chance to show yourselves as you truly are.
Because during all my life I have been considered a wee little thing, sweet, fragile and a tad naive.
Because nobody has ever wanted to see how I am inside, the strength, the rage, the resolution, the   sensuality, all of them features which the Tango de Roxanne allows me to convey.

Ah, I other dance partner is a horse whip ;o)

8 commenti:

BiWuBär ha detto...

The pink facade looks very familiar somehow... kind of a déja-vu... (LOL). What a pity that those sugar boats are too small for your performance... otherwise they'd been perfect. I wasn't able to hear the music due to German licence districtions, but I'm convinced you've made a good choice. And I'm even more convinced that your performance will be stunning... because I've met another Ro than the one you're describing: The most darling lady, funny, vivid, smart and simply beautiful.


Lucille ha detto...

Hi Rosanna! You made a mistake because you gave us the same Doris Day song for both performances. Anyways, although I have never met you and do not personally know you, I would be very curious to see the second you. After reading BiWuBar's impression of you, it must be quite a change. It's better for you to get it all out of your system, whatever it is. As long as you don't hurt anyone! It seems like it's the way you have chosen to express your feelings and cleanse yourself of all your anger and frustration! I admire you for what you're doing. It's much better than going through a depression. You're doing it in a creative way. You're freeing yourself. You're shedding an old skin that no longer fit. It's a good thing. You seem to be a very strong woman who does not do anything halfway once you've set your mind on doing something. If that's the way you want to go, then I hope it works. Good luck on opening night! Just set boundaries! We always need them! Dance, Rosanna, dance, and be happy! Music is one of the best therapy.

Sans! ha detto...

I just wish I could see this :). This is you in so many ways :)

The Old Maid ha detto...

Hahaha Ro! I LOVE your personality! Just like Sans I wish I could see you there!

Norma ha detto...

Good for you!! Oh how I wish I could be there to see the performance, I'm sure you will be AMAZING!! Cute little houses by the way :)

Giac ha detto...

Ciao Rosanna,
Quelli erano veloce! Hanno un aspetto bellissimo. Che divertimento, che spettacolo sarà!
Un grande abbraccio,

cockerina ha detto...

hei, Dollies Day, bella pupa, vuoi ballare un tango con me??? ahaha!!
se ti conosco bene, per quel poco che ho potuto capire, non sei nè piccola, nè fragile e anzi, la tua forza la devi tirar fuori tutta, e non dovrai MAI più farti mettere in un angolo!
incrocio le dita per il tuo spettacolo e non oso pensare alla fine che faranno le povere casette, ma auguro davvero tanto tanto divertimento!
mi raccomando, voglio vedere il filmato della tua esibizione!!!!!!!!!!!
un bacione

cockerina ha detto...

I share the words of Lucille, she always has a kind word and right, for all of us ... Lucille, I love you! :)