martedì 22 aprile 2014

Buona Pasqua ... in ritardo - Happy Easter ... a bit late

§ La Bellezza esplode ovunque, anche in mezzo ai palazzi.
Tanti auguri a tutti

§ Beauty explodes everywhere, even among city buildings.
Best wishes to you all

6 commenti:

BiWuBär ha detto...

Happy late Easter to you, too! Yes, beauty can be found everywhere - as long as we keep our eyes wide open... ;O)


Giac ha detto...

Buona Pasqua Rosanna,
Che bellissima foto!
Un grande abbraccio,

SaMiRa73 ha detto...

Happy late Easter to you, too! Yes, every year it it the same miracle to me when how quick nature is growing. A wonderful season, isn´t it?
Hugs, Sandra

Patrizia ha detto...

Fanno sempre piacere....auguri anche a te!!

Daydreamer ha detto...

Happy Easter Rosanna! It is wonderful to see the flowers blooming again! The cherry trees are not yet blooming here... but the daffodils are starting to open! So Beautiful!

Hazel McMahon ha detto...

Beautiful blossoms Rosanna! The cherry and apple blossom tress have finally blossomed here in Scotland - and the swallows have arrived too.
Thank you for sharing
regards Hazel