venerdì 9 maggio 2014

Vita vera - Real life

§ Qualche volta penso che nella blog sfera la mia vita venga immaginata come una girandola di viaggi, gite in bicicletta e visite di amiche.
Ebbene sì, c'è tutto questo e anche di più ;o)  ma ora vi voglio mostrare la mia vita VERA.

§ Some times it occurs to me that in blogworld my life is seen as a twirl of trips, bike rides and friends' visits.
Well it is, there is this and even more ;o)  but now I want to show to you my REAL life.

§ Questo è il mio regno fuori casa, ossia la mia casa fuori casa.
Questo è il posto dove passo la maggior parte del mio tempo giornaliero: il mio studio. O meglio uno dei tanti che compongono il mio posto di lavoro.

§ This is my kingdom out of home, rather it is my house out of house.
This is the place were I spend most of my day time: my office. Better still it is one of the many which make up my working place.

§ E questa sono io :o) nello "splendore" della mia uniforme bianca. Noi la chiamiamo il PIGIAMA !!!
§ And this is me :o) in the "splendour" of my white uniform. We call it the PYJAMAS !!!

§ Non è solo divertimento nella vita di una Giuggiola :o))
§ There is not only fun in a Giuggiola's life :o))

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The Old Maid ha detto...

I would never thought real life is only fun, lol! But it is good to see your work kingdom and you at work, dear Ro!:)
Hugs and kisses

BiWuBär ha detto...

So you're Queen of your own kingdom... wearing pyjamas instead of a crown and a robe - much more comfy I would guess. This brought back sweet memories of us visiting the small town called Plön with Sans! admiring the crow trees and you admiring the optometrists' shops... ;O)


anna ha detto...

How nice to see you in "real life" ! It is so intersting to learn who/what might be behind the miniatures! :) Thank you! :) many Greetings from Athens :)

Daydreamer ha detto...

You look Happy in your "Pyjamas" Rosanna! LOL! It is nice to see where you spend your days... as Birgit says the "Queen of your Kingdom!" Alas, most of us have a part of our lives that rarely comes to Blogland.... but it is a great idea to share that part too!

Norma ha detto...

A delight to enter your Kingdom (why is Queendom not a word?!) Rosanna, I think we should organise a bloggers pyjama party there one of these days - any colour allowed except white :)

Wee Cute Treasures ha detto...

I work for a surgeon but only he is allowed to wear pyjamas in our rooms! His a pale blue. You would make a lovely couple!!!! Where do you find the time to make minis as well I wonder? Thank you for sharing your Queendom with us all. Carol :)

Lucille ha detto...

You look very nice in your uniform, Rosanna! Thanks for sharing what your workplace looks like!

Amy Gross ha detto...

Rosanna - I'm so happy that you shared your work world with us - it's so true, how the blogging world often shares just a fraction of our real, everyday lives. I stopped blogging partly because I would look at my pictures and think, this seems like someone else sometimes, and it felt so strange. I love seeing you at work.

MelyMel ha detto...

Quando un lavoro è fatto con amore e passione nonostante le difficoltà può anche essere bello e divertente!

MelyMel ha detto...

Quando un lavoro è fatto con amore e passione nonostante le difficoltà può anche essere bello e divertente!

Mercedes @ Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Love the 'pyjamas' Rosanna! Jono gets to wear blue pyjamas at his work now. Nice to see your real world!

Marta ha detto...

Ja, ja!! You are optometrist!! I worked with oftalmologic doctors and optometrist and I also was dressed with my pyjama. It was ten yeras ago. Sometimes I miss this days..

Kisses and hugs