lunedì 24 ottobre 2016

3 ... 2 ... 1 ... VIA - 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... GO

§  Si comincia a dipingere !!!
§ Let's start painting !!!

§ Ho anche trovato questo nuovo, bellissimo set di tempere a solo € 9.80 !!  non poteva non essere mio (^_^)

§ I even found this new, beautiful set of temperas at only € 9.80 !! it couldn't help being mine (^_^)

6 commenti:

shannonc60 ha detto...

Have fun painting Rosanna! New art supplies are always exciting.

Drora's minimundo ha detto...

Great find! I've received a similar set of paints as a gift but, alas, I don't paint.
Maybe you'll inspire me.
Hugs, Drora

Steinworks ha detto...

I just bought some paints at the dollar store..Lets Paint :)

BiWuBär ha detto...

What a great catch... especially having in mind that these are quality colors by Faber who are not only good in pencils... *LOL* Have fun trying them!


Maria Blanca "AyamontinoMaria" ha detto...

Pues ahora, ¡a empezarlos pronto! Me encantará ver en qué los usas...;-) besos

Юлия ha detto...

Colori meravigliosi! Vi auguro grande ispirazione! Buona giornata!