lunedì 21 novembre 2016

Niente mini (^_^) Nothing related to minis (^_^)

§ Niente a che fare con le miniature !
Questo è VERO !!!!
Questo super giocattolo, sognato per anni ed anni, sarà a breve a casa mia  (^_^)
Tra poco sarà il mio compleanno e Qualcuno , mooolto speciale, ha voluto farmi una sorpresa.
Sono così contenta che non potevo non condividerlo :o)

§ Nothing related to miniatures !
This is REAL !!!!
This super toy, which I dreamed for the last few ( actually many) years, will be soon at my door (^_^)
My birthday will happen shortly and Someone, a veeeery special one, wanted to surprise me.
I am so happy that I couldn't help sharing  :o)

7 commenti:

Remco ha detto...

A shame you live so far away, cause I see a new blog with all kind of cakes coming...
Nice to see you're already happy with your birthdaygift!!
Enjoy your birthday and gift(s)

BiWuBär ha detto...

That's what I call a surprise... and a dream come true! Congrats... this special someone made a very good choice with this. And like Remco I foresee many many cakes of all sorts in the near future!


Pepper Mitcheson ha detto...

Have a lovely Birthday Rosanna. Hope you have a wonderful day :0)

Daydreamer ha detto...

Happy Birthday Rosanna! I hope you have a huge amount of fun with your new "toy"! (Even if it is not a "mini"!)It looks very beautiful! What a wonderful gift!!!

Catherine ha detto...

I see I am a bit late but still wanted to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a great gift. I also have admired those for a very long time. It is a wonderful kitchen tool. Congratulations!

Юлия ha detto...

Buon compleanno! Un regalo meraviglioso! Splendidamente dove i sogni diventano realtà!

Elizabeth S ha detto...

It sounds strange to say, but it does happen that one CAN forget how old one actually is!?
Happy 50th Birthday Rosanna!
Now that it is finally here, I hope that you still feel just as young as you did at 47, 48 and 49! ;P