venerdì 10 dicembre 2010

Isn't she lovely ?

Let me introduce you to Miss Moo Potter

Doesn't she wear the cutest, and trendiest, party hat ?
Please, take a close look to her ear rings
And what about her sassy thigh ? and colourful accessories ?
Miss Moo Potter is a proud member of the Cow Parade which have raised more than $ 25 million for charity.
She walked her own red carpet in Houston, 2001 and now she is graciously standing in our living room. 
She is used to ampler space but she has a very mild character and she is a funny soul ready to share a smile and I smiled a lot when I saw  her yesterday.
She arrived totally unexpected but even more welcomed for this reason.
She has been invited to my home by dearest Sans who wrote that she was a perfect mix  of the two of us :o))))
Well, I can only say that I LOVE her, truly love her to bits, from the bottom of my heart !
She is exactly me ! yes, it might seem strange to you but, underneath , I am extravagant, funny, colourful and a bit wild .
Only a true friend can go under the surface, the prim and proper one, and see this different me.
Thank you dearest, grazie mille.

12 commenti:

EliFla ha detto...

She is lovelyyyyyyyyy...ciao Flavia

Pubdoll ha detto...

How fabulous, I really like these artistic cows, and this one's my absolute favourit so far. And even though I don't know you as well as Sans, I too would think she was perfect for you!

Lainie ha detto...

She is Perfect! And all the way from Houston!

Ana Anselmo ha detto...

wow!!!! she is so fantastic, I would love to have one like that. here in Lisbon there was a cow parade a few years ago and some of the cows were fabulous! by the way, how big is she?

Debbie ha detto...

Rosanna, Love The Cow. She's brilliant and especially as she is covered with Miniature

Angela ha detto...

Che amo le mucche ma questa è davvero la numero uno.....davvero complimenti!!!
un abbraccio

Janice ha detto...

She is simply wonderful.

Ara ha detto...

She is wonderful!! And Sans is so sweet and thoughtful in all her gifts!!! Love the earrings!! hugs, ara

Sans! ha detto...

There was no doubt at all when I first laid my eyes on Ms Moo Potter, that she would be right at home with you, my dear :).

In this picture with all the details, she looks even more moolicious than I remember. So much personality and so you, Rosanna and I am just so pleased that you love her :). Just a simple thank you for being my friend and a gift FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! :)

Happy hippy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! Moooooooooooooooooooooo! :)

Sorry I have been away awhile. Will email you shortly :):).

Sans! ha detto...

Forgot to subscribe to comments :)

Chang Kim ha detto...

Great photos!

Crescent Louise ha detto...

I love her!

xxx C