sabato 5 novembre 2011

Stiamo bene - We are fine

§ Grazie a tutti per i messaggi e le mail, siete di tesori.
La mia famiglia sta bene , chi conosce Genova sa che è costruita su colli e noi siamo un po' più alti della zona del disastro.
La città adesso sta aspettando. mentre la pioggia ha ridotto l'intensità.
La Protezione Civile dice che il peggio deve ancora arrivare e noi tutti speriamo che si stiano sbagliando.

§ Thank you for your messages and mails.
My family is fine , who knows Genoa is aware that it is built on hills and we are a bit higher than the disaster zone.
The city is now waiting while the rain has lowered down a bit.
The Civilian Service says that the worst is still to come and we all hope that they are wrong.

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miniacollection ha detto...

Ouf! Last night the news on tv showed us your town and I immediately thought of you. And this morning I saw your post with the answer to my question.
In some regions of the south of France it's the same situation.

Norma ha detto...

Oh my goodness, i haven't seen this bad news. It looks really terrible, please take care Rosanna xx

anna ha detto...

Thinking of you..and all the people who have so big problems now! What a teribble horrible situtation! Take care !!! Many Greetings

Sans! ha detto...

Dearie, your flood looks as bad as the one in Bangkok! My goodness, I went to the link and saw the submerged cars ! Everyone's trapped on the 2nd level just like Bangkok.

I don't know about Genoa but I can foresee the same reaction maybe because of the huge losses that people have suffered but the people in Bangkok who are affected by the floods are very angry and stressed. I just heard from my sister that the flood have reached Chatuchak :(.

So what's happening at your end? Are all of you stuck at home? There's no coverage here at all! Not even CNN or BBC. I will try and look. The freak weather is mad!

I am thankful that you are safe. Do keep us updated ok, Ro?

Sandra Morris ha detto...

Really hope things improve soon!


PetitPlat Miniature Food - Stephanie Kilgast ha detto...

glad to know you're fine.
I know, I know, I'm not much of a commenter (nor blog reader) most of the time I just don't have the time.
Anyway, hope the situation will improve soon!


Amy ha detto...

Rosanna-I didn't know about this either! How did this not make our news? It should have-CNN needs to tell us about such things. I am so happy that you're ok, but my heart goes out to everyone hurt and displaced.

Rosamargarita ha detto...

Me alegro que estén bien, es una alivio, esperemos que deje de llover y se restablezca la normalidad
Un fuerte abrazo mexicano.

BiWuBär ha detto...

Thank you for keeping us "updated" - hopefully the officials are wrong and things won't get worse - we all hope the best for you!


The Old Maid ha detto...

I hope it won't be that bad too. Good to read you are all right. Still keeping my fingers crossed for your city.

rose cat cottage ha detto...

Whouah, already the pictures of south of France were bad but those are worst aslo. The water could never be stopped that's the big problem i hope in the next days everything will be a little bit not so scary, we are thinking of you! doei, claude

Maria Ireland ha detto...

Glad to hear that you are all ok. I hope you have already seen the worse and that the officials are wrong.
Take care Hugs Maria

Janice ha detto...

Take care Rosanna and I wish for more dry weather for you all.

Madame Chantilly ha detto...

Povera Genova e poveri Genovesi... mi dispiace tanto, anch'io ho parenti in Liguria e non posso fare a meno di pensarvi...

Vittoria A. ha detto...

Ciao cara Rosanna, stavo per scriverti un messaggio e ho pensato prima di passare dal tuo blog per vedere se c'erano notizie. Ho visto in Tv di Genova e mi sono preoccupata, ho pensato subito a te. Sono sollevata che stiate bene. ti abbraccio forte e spero di sentirti presto,