venerdì 4 novembre 2011

Luna Blu

§ Stasera sono andata ad una festa di compleanno ed ho incontrato Paolo, un amico,un  ingegnere, un pittore e, come ho scoperto oggi, un artista del vetro.
I suoi gioielli sono splendidi , azzardati ed avventurosi.
Esagerati come una Luna Blu.
Andate a curiosare , ne sarete affascinati.

§ Tonight I went to a birthday party and I met Paolo, a friend, an engineer , a painter and , as I found out tonight , a glass artist.
His jewels are splendid , excessive and adventurous.
Excessive like a Blu Moon.
Go and have a look, you'll be fascinated.

4 commenti:

Sans! ha detto...

Wow! It's gorgeous Ro! I am envious of his gifts. To be able to wield something as hard as glass into this beautiful treasure is already so special, and he can paint? And an engineer? Can a person be too gifted? Tell him I love his work, will you? And that I wish I am half as talented as him!

Catherine ha detto...

That is gorgeous!!!

Norma ha detto...

Oh my goodness, this is truely the spirit of beauty captured in glass.

this is Belgium ha detto...

glad to discover your blog via a comment on Carla's . Mi piace molto.. ho imparato l'italiano tanti anni fa é e piacevole aver occasione re-leggere e re-praticare.
Saluti da Brussels