domenica 14 aprile 2013


§ Oggi ho fatto un'esperienza nuova e MOLTO divertente.
Anche impegnativa ma tutte le cose nuove lo sono soprattutto quelle che ci richiedono di superare un po' i nostri limiti.

Oggi ho seguito un workshop Burlesque della durata dell'intera giornata sul tema della Sirena e la musica dell'act singolo che ognuna di noi doveva improvvisare era questa.
Ovviamente solo i primi due minuti ( che sono sembrati lunghissimi!!!), io non avrei mai potuto reggere l'intero pezzo.

E'stata una giornata bellissima, esilarante e utilissima dal punto di vista umano

Che dire di più ?
Grazie a Sophie L'Amour, la nostra insegnante  :o))
Grazie alle fantastiche donne del gruppo che meglio non potevano essere :o))

Today I made a new experience and a VERY enjoyable one.
It was also demanding but all new experiences are especially those which ask us to  go beyond our limits.

§ Today I followed  a whole day Burlesque workshop on the theme of the Mermaid and the music for the single act which each one of us had to improvise was this.
Obviously only the first two minutes (which seemed incredibly looooong!), I could have never done the whole piece.

It has been a wonderful, uproarious day and most useful from the human side.

What should I say more?
Thank you toSophie L'Amour,our teacher  :o))
Thank you to the gorgeous women of the group who couldn't possibly be better :o))

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cockerina ha detto...

la musica è carinissima, le scenografie molto articolate e geniali, considerando le dimensioni (1:12???), tutto sommato un bel filmato, ma... ma sono rimasta delusa lo stesso, pensavo di vedere te che banzavi in Burlesque... :)

rosanna ha detto...

He he Caterina....pensi davvero che mi metterei sul blog ? ;o))

Lucille ha detto...

It was sweet to watch, Rosanna! However, I don't understand what it has to do with you. Did you perhaps make the machinery move and the figures. What is your role in this? If I understood your role, I would watch again and I think I would be better able to appreciate it. Maybe I'm just plain stupid, hahha! It's possible!

rosanna rolla ha detto...

Dear Lucille, the video is the original one and I have nothing to do with it.
As I wrote before I joined a burlesque school where we perform with the aid of music.
Burlesque is an old form of art, a mix of dancing and acting .
With a dose of teasing ;o)
We prepared our performance, a solo act, on this music.
I was a very shy mermaid who eventually hid herself inside her shell ;o)
I hope this makes a better sense for you
Mini hugs Rosanna

Janice ha detto...

What a great way to spend the day, it sounds like a lot of fun.

Lucille ha detto...

Yes, Rosanna, thank you so much for the explanation. The music is beautiful. You seem to be having the time of your life. Good for you! We're only young once!

Sans! ha detto...

I wish I was there to watch Ro! What a blast you must have had!

Did you guys video it ? Maybe when I visit? Please please please?

BiWuBär ha detto...

Sounds like a fun day - and that video was indeed inspiring.