lunedì 11 maggio 2009


Sentite nell'aria le gioiose note dell'Alleluia di Haendel? Io sì.
Finalmente dopo lunga e penosa attesa sono arrivati tutti i dolcini che Kim mi ha mandato.
Purtroppo la foto non gli rende merito: sono BELLISSIMI e non vedo l'ora di sistemarli nel loro giusto posto.
Grazie Kim, per il tuo lavoro e per aver condiviso con me la lunga attesa.

Do you hear the joyful notes of Haendel's Halleluja? I do.
At last, after a long and painful wait, all the sweets that Kim sent me have arrived.
Alas the pic doesn't show their real appeareance: they are WONDERFUL and I'm looking forward putting them in their proper place.
Thank you Kim, for your work and for sharing with me the long wait.

14 commenti:

kimsminiatures ha detto...

oh Rosanna...I can't tell you how happy I am now that you have them.FINALLY!!! So glad you are happy with them. Enjoy! Mini hugs!

Sassy Mini Dolls ha detto...

YEAH, they arrived and they are WONDERFUL!!!!! :) Hugs

synnøve ha detto...

Hello Rosanna,
Oh yes we are getting there....soon! No, really it is getting warmer every day. At least the sun is shining.
But I have no time for minis these days...and hardly time to look into all your postings..puhh..this magazine making!!!

Sans ha detto...

Oh how wonderful is that spread? Really great! Congratulations to both Kim and you, for a job well done and for being the envy of everyone :)

MiniKat ha detto...

Beautiful! Maybe my parcel will show up soon. ;-)

Never Enough Time ha detto...

How wonderful. I can't wait to see them displayed.

Katie's Clay Corner ha detto...

Oh WoW! Pretty!!! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

Meli ha detto...

Wow Rosanna you are a like girl!!! Kim's works are fantastic.
Muy congratulations to both,
Warm regards,

Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Oh you lucky, lucky girl! They look fabulous!

Glenda/MidSouth ha detto...

Her work is amazing. Everything looks so real.

Linda Carswell ha detto...

How wonderful to receive all of this, what a beautiful collection!!

Jean Day ha detto...

I feel like I have just been out to tea, wonderful treasures!!!
Looking forward to seeing how you use them. Thank you so much for showing us.

Mini Hugs, Jean

marlies ha detto...

OOooo so many yummies, after so long wait, they look great!
* marlies

nikkinikkinikki72 ha detto...

Lovely well made cakes and i wish i could come for tea and have a slice of each.
Kim makes beautiful cakes and i'm happy you are pleased with them.