domenica 31 maggio 2009


Dopo aver visto la meravigliosa tenda di Sans mi vergogno un po' a mostrarvi i tappeti che ho comprato in Tunisia.
Io non sono amante dei souvenirs ma quando ho visto questi non ho capito più niente. Sono in seta e perfettamente in scala, troppo bello per essere vero.
Le scatoline invece gridavano " pouf, pouf" quando le ho viste e in effetti sembrano proprio dei sedili in pelle marocchini, solo un po' più luccicanti.
Sono stati il mio solo acquisto in vacanza.
A parte una couscoussiere in alluminio per 6 persone, una tagine in terracotta ( per 6 persone) ed un assortimento di spezie da ristorante ;o))

After looking at Sans's wonderful tent I'm ashamed of showing you the carpets I bought in Tunisia.
I'm not a souvenirs lover but when I saw these I did not understand anything more. They are made in silk and they are in perfect scale, too good to be true.
While the pillboxes where shouting at me "pouf.pouf" when I first saw them and they really look like Maroccon leather seats, only a bit more sparkling.
They have been my only holiday purchase.
A part from an aluminium couscoussiere for 6 people, an earthware tagine ( 6 people as well) and a spices assortment which could last for a restaurant ;o))

6 commenti:

Katie's Clay Corner ha detto...

The Rugs are beautiful!!! Love the pill boxes, too!! What fun treasures!

Sassy M ha detto...

What beautiful treasures you brought home! Hugs :)

Sans ha detto...

Rosanna, your rugs are much better, please! Those are the types I like. I look at the rugs I bought from Turkey and wondered why in the world I picked those? I know what you mean about the rugs, they are really lovely , aren't they?? And ever so authentic looking, although it is machine made. Perfect scale too - how can we stitch that tiny right? -Oops..maybe you can. You working on your Aubusson?

nikkinikkinikki72 ha detto...

Beautiful miniatures!
It sounds like you also had a lovely holiday.

Daisy ha detto...

Beautiful souvenirs!

Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Beautiful rugs and poufs! And so nice to have a 'little' something to remind you of your holiday.