martedì 10 maggio 2011

Dale's swap

A very quick post...time is running shorter and shorter.
As many of you know Dale launched a swap for Mum's Day and I gladly joined it.
The sender of my swap had to be Kim while Linda had to be my recipient.

I had very little hope of receiving it in time knowing how Italian Mail works but I am very sorry that Linda hasn't received hers yet.
Since Dale has made a post on the swaps I can show you what I did for Linda.
Nothing new , you have already seen it but Linda didn't know it was her gift.

On Mum's Day it seemed nice to me to have something ready for a new born.

I made the basket, the linens and the little quilt as well as the rattle which actually makes a noise .....if you have a very sharp ear because there is a teeny tiny ball inside it ;o)

The feeding bottle was a cheap resin reproduction which I painted and glazed to look like glass.

I hope that Linda will not have much more to wait .

Belated Happy Mother Day to you all.

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dale's dreams ha detto...

This is a very sweet swap item, Rosanna. How wonderful you made a tutorial for how to do it.

I'm very sorry I spoiled your fun, I had no idea that you hadn't received your swap nor had your recipient received hers.

Please, accept my apologies. :(

Patty ha detto...

Rosanna, I am sure that Linda will just squeal at this wonderful swap gift!! I love it! I just received my swap gift yesterday in the mail and I am not sure if the one I sent to Italy(Fabiola) has arrived yet. Linda should get hers soon. I think every country is slow with the mail these days!

Brandy Rose ha detto...

Perfect gift for Mother's Day.

Sans! ha detto...

This is the best gift for a Mother's Day swap. Must check out Dale's blog to see what the rest of you came up with :).

We just celebrated Mother's Day by bringing mum out for coffee :). She was really happy. I also got her a chakra pendant with the 7 different stones for the 7 chakras :). Got it from India when I was at the ashram :) and my niece said it looked like the traffic light :). That's what mummies are for. To tell you when to go and when to stop , right? :)

Janice ha detto...

A beautiful swap item Rosanna, impeccably made as all your pieces are.
Lucky Linda.
The best things are always worth waiting for!

marlies ha detto...

Beautiful basket, Rosanna, Linda will be happy with this swap!
* marlies

Linda ha detto...

woohooooo its perfect!!!!!i was so excited to see my gift on Dales blog....its fabulous Rosanna!! i saw the tutorial and knew i wouldnt beable to make such a good job as you...thank you sooooooooo much i am so lucky!!!!!yayyyyyyyyyyy....waiting for the postman!!! :D Linda xxxx
also as with everywhere the post has been terribly slow here too!

Linda ha detto...

update!!! its here!! its here!!! ooooooo myyyyyyyy it looks even better in person!!! thank you Rosanna!!!! :D Linda xxxxxxx

Jollie ha detto...

What a very beautiful basket you have made for the swap :)

Hugs Jollie

Vittoria A. ha detto...

Ciao rosanna, eccomi qui. Ho tante cose da raccontarti e ti scrivero' presto. tu come stai? Un abbraccio :)

Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Oh! Rosanna, that's just gorgeous!!!!