venerdì 20 marzo 2009


Ecco le mie 7 cose preferite
1- la mia famiglia, figlio, marito, papà, fratello, cognata e nipotina
2- la nostra casa
3- il mio lavoro
4- i miei libri
5- le miniature
6- il blog e la blogosfera
7- la mia città

ed ecco le amiche a cui voglio passare il premio. Ho cercato di scegliere qualcuno che non lo
avesse ancora ricevuto ma 7 sono davvero poche.


Here are my 7 loved things
1- my family, son, hubby, dad, brother, sister in law and little niece
2- our home
3-my job
4- my books
5- minis
6- my blog and the blogsphere
7- my own town

and these are the friends to whom I wish to give the award . I've tried to choose someone who hasn't got it yet but 7 of them are very few.
Meli http://casitasdemeli.blogspotcom/

7 commenti:

Caseymini ha detto...

Thank you so much for the award Rosanna!

There really is something wrong with the glasses. I suspect that they made the bifocal part too strong. I can only see about 12" from my face and it looks like I am looking through a magnifier. I have an appointment to have them checked next Friday morning. Meanwhile, I am wearing the old ones. I can see better through those.

rosanna ha detto...

12" is really TOO close, it's imposible to work at such a distance. Are you wearing bifocal or progressive lenses? they are very different. I wish I were there to look at them and your eyes as well.
Coming to the award.. who is most creative than you? mini hugs

ANA ROSA. ha detto...

Clear that if Rossana!! It she makes me happy that you like my work.
A kiss.

Sans ha detto...

I am both short and long sighted which is a blessing in disguise cos when I work on minis, I just don't wear any glasses and I can see as clearly as glass :D.

You have become a dear friend, Rosanna and I am very honoured to receive this gift from you :)!

sylvia ha detto...

Thank you very much for this Award Rosanna, it is so nice to receive it!


Mirja ha detto...

Thank you Rosanna for this award. I'm happy about it:D

Meli ha detto...

Rosanna, thank you so much for the award. I really appreciate it coming from you.
Thanks again and all my best,