lunedì 30 marzo 2009


Another award!! Susan sent it to me and even found a way to customise it.

My friend, you are so kind. I'm very grateful and I'm also happy because I have now the chance to give this award to someone else.

This time I'll pass it to

Roberta of Roberta è un'amica, ha cominciato da poco a fare mini ma ha entusiasmo e amnualità da vendere. Roberta is a friend, she has begun minis only recently but she has graet enthusiasm and dexterity
Jean Day of she is so kind to share her beautiful findings and photos
Doreen of she has great inventions and she is very generous with her ideas
Marlies of she shares with all of us her patters and tut and also finds time to write
Jayne of her tutorials are much beyond my ability but she is kind to share with us
Jodi of Jodi and her husband Richard (I always think of him dressed up like a viking!), she has always a word for everyone sends her a comment. Really makes you feel welcome
Kat of she makes me smile while her hats make me envious
Nikki of it's a great mistery how she can do her wonderful creations and run a house and three children as well. I bow to you little witch
And here they are and I wish all of the best to each one of them.

6 commenti:

Jodi ha detto...

Grazie Rosanna! This means so much coming from you...thank you as well, for being the kind hearted person that you always are...



nikkinikkinikki72 ha detto...

Thank you loads for the blog award.
Really kind of you.
Early this week i will put the award on my blog and send to 8 other people.
Just hoping i can find somebody because everyone i knwo seems to have been given the award this week.
Besy wishes... Nikki

Anonimo ha detto...

Thank you so much Rosanna. I am so glad you follow my blog. It means a lot to me that you sent this award.

Jean Day ha detto...

That was so nice of you, thank you so much! Such a pleasure to receive it from you! I hope you are feeling better.

Sans ha detto...

Glad you like my little certificate :)

Roberta ha detto...

Grazie Rosanna, addirittura un premio è per me una grande gioia...però cosa intendi per "prenderlo"???
Sai che la mia conoscenza dei blog è ancora poca...
Un bacio