mercoledì 4 marzo 2009

tavolo da te

Finalmente ho finito di personalizzare il tavolino per la casa gialla.
E' molto personale e riguarda strettamente la sua futura padrona. La scritta sul tavolo, ripetuta a spirale come un mantra, dice: afferra il giorno (carpe diem) e conosci te stesso. Questi sono i motti di Simona mentre i pesciolini...beh, lei sa cosa significano.
tea table

At last I finished to customize the tea table for the yellow house.
It is very personal and strictly related to its going to be owner. The writing on it, repeated in spiral like a mantra, says: grab the day (carpe diem) and know yourselves. These are Simona's mottoes while the little fishes... well, she knows.

7 commenti:

Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Rosanna, like everything you do this is just beautiful.

Sassy Mini Dolls ha detto...

It's wonderful, Rosanna! You are so talented!!!

Debbie ha detto...

Fantastic Rosanna. Love how you've done the table and chairs.

marlies ha detto...

Its become lovely! I like it a lot.
* marlies

San ha detto...

WOW! I love anything with words on them :) and yours is ab amazing. I don't think my hands are steady enough to write so small, my handwriting sucks too ;p. Great work Roasanna! I will do a post on my characters soon, maybe tonight. Hope you pop by to meet them :) My carpet is going soooooooooo slowly..half the time is spent unstitching..hope to complete my 1st carpet at the end of this month.

Lena ha detto...

It went very well, I love that idea with the text.
It looks so nice!

Eva ha detto...

Oh! I like the desing :-)