venerdì 3 luglio 2009

la panca di Sylvia

Qualche tempo fa Sylvia ed io ci siamo accordate per uno swap.
Io le avrei mandato uno dei miei lavori e a lei ho chiesto una panca. Infatti dopo aver visto quella che aveva mandato a Mercedes me ne ero innamorata.
Oggi è arrivata, sana e salva, e per fortuna Matteo era in casa così non è ritornata in Posta.
Dovrò preparare dei cuscini ma prima dovrò decidere dove metterla: subito pensavo in cucina ma ora ho dei dubbi. Comunque ho un sacco di tempo per pensarci.
Non dimenticativi la lotteria, avete ancora tempo fino a Domenica sera !

Sylvia's bench

Some time ago Sylvia and I agreed for a swap.
I should have sent her a work of mine and I asked her a bench. After seeing the one she sent to Mercedes I had fallen in love to it.
Today it has arrived, safe and sound, and luckily Matteo was at home otherwise it would have gone back to the Mail Office.
I shall have to do some pillows but first of all I shall have to decide where I can place it: at first I thought at the kitchen but now I'm doubtful. Anyway I have plenty of time to make up my mind.
Do not forget the give away, you still have time untill Sunday evening !

7 commenti:

Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Sylvia is a master craftsman isn't she! Your bench, like mine, is just beautiful! You and I are both very lucky!

Meli ha detto...

Wow is beautiful!!! Sylvia is realy an artist and Mercedes and you are so lucky!!!
Waiting to see the worderful pillows you make.

tarapiglet ha detto...

Rosanna where have I been!? I missed all of this because I thought your blog was all in spanish!!!

This is incredible!!!

I like your minitures style. I get it. I gotta see what you've been up to.... gee.

Marsha ha detto...

What a beautiful bench! Hugs, Marsha

Linda Carswell ha detto...

Oh, I agree with your choice Rosanna, it is wonderful...well done Sylvia...I'm sure you will fill it with your amazing cushions!! Plus, I'm sure Sylvia will be very happy with what she recieves from you!

Sans ha detto...

Know how you feel exactly. One more reason though to make and keep some of the best pillows I have seen for yourself!

dora ha detto...

Muy bonito, la verdad es que Silvia quedará encantada. Felicidades a las dos.