venerdì 17 luglio 2009

teiere e copriteiere

Quanti giorni senza scrivere! non era mai successo. Purtroppo ho avuto tante, tante cose da fare e sempre meno tempo.
Ieri ho comunque avuto la piacevole sorpresa di un pacchetto nella cassetta.
Kat di "Little thoughts from an average mind" mi ha mandato queste 4 teierine. Belle, vero? e assolutamente adatte al lavoro che sto facendo in questi giorni.

teapots and teacozies

How many days without writing anything! it has never happened. Alas I have too many things to do and always scarcer free time.
Yesterday I had a nice surprise, I received a parcel in my mail box.
Kat of "Little thoughts from an average mind" sent me these 4 cute little teapots. Pretty, aren't they? and absolutely apt to the work I'm doing at the moment.
Ecco qua il lavoro che mi ha tenuto impegnata. L'ultimo, quello con il girasole è terminato ieri notte!

Here is the work which has kept me busy. The last one, the one with the sunflower, was finished yesterday night.

Jill ha già scelto la sua, le ho mandato una foto 2 giorni fa e ora devo finire il cuscino. Quello sarà una sorpresa.

Jill has already chosen hers, I sent her a pic two days ago and now I have to go on with the pillow.
That is going to be a surprise.

17 commenti:

dora ha detto...

Ya encontraba a faltar tus entradas. Bonitas teteras como siempre y tus calentadores?.Son preciosos, como siempre.
Un abrazo

Linda Carswell ha detto...

Your certainly are an artist with the needle and very very beautiful!!!

Linda x

kathi ha detto...

Beautiful little stitching! What size cloth do you use? I want to make some tiny pillows for my dollhouse but don't know where to start..

rosanna ha detto...

Hi Kathi, the cloth is linen with 12 #1 cm. I must be as eaven as possible. The lighthouse cozy was stitched on silk gauze 48#1 inch, it's smaller and allows better details. The "thing" behind the cozies is an avrage tea bag to suggest you proportions.I hope I've been useful. Hugs Rosanna

Marsha ha detto...

Lovely work, Rosanna! Hugs, Marsha

Debbie ha detto...

Beautiful Needlework as always Rosanna. The little Tea Cosy's are devine..xx

Kim ha detto...

I am so inspired and in awe by your stitchwork Rosanna. My little tea cozy still only has one row of stitching! I find it so small and get so overwhelmed each time I pick it up! I need to buy a magnifying glass I think. Beautiful work!!

Anonimo ha detto...

Those tea cosys are fantastic. No wonder you have not had time to post. I would never be able to stich something so fine. They are wonderful.

kimsminiatures ha detto...

So wonderful Rosanna.I love the rooster one most. True talent. Love your work so much. And you ars so sweet too! Mini hugs!

Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Rosanna, they are all so beautiful! I wish I had the patience to try something like that!

Sabiha Barkey ha detto...

Hi Rosanna,The pots and your work looks absolutely beautiful!!!

I will make you a staircase,but not for a swap...I just want to make you one because I like to make you happy!!

Ala I can't find your email too?Haha,so I gave you mine


Eva J ha detto...

Hello Rosanna
Your needlework is absolutely beautiful, and I really love the
little tea cozies!

Jill ha detto...

Wow...I feel so honored that one of your teacozies and a pillow are going to reside in my humble little dollhouse. I've admired your work ever since I started reading your blog, and to recieve anything made by you is like a dream come true! Thanks so much! Hugs! Jill

Roberta ha detto...

Come al solito riesci sempre a farmi restare senza parole....sono incredibili!!!
Sei bravissima!!
Un bacione
P.s: che ne dici di un aperitivo la prossima settimana???
Ti chiamero'.

MiniKat ha detto...

I'm glad you like the teapots, Rosanna. So glad they made it there this time. :-)

Jayne ha detto...

I love miniature embroidery, and these are really beautiful. You must be so proud of them.

Jayne xxx

MiniCreazioni ha detto...

M'hai fatto venì voglia di fare Teiereeeee....ahah ne ho fatte una 20ina*_* e son pure carine...:-p

Favolosi i copri Teiere!!