giovedì 19 novembre 2009

coffee table books

§ Questi libri sono un regalo di Lize , che molto gentilmente li ha messi a disposizione sul suo blog.
Invece di riempirli con balsa o schiuma ho fatto delle pagine e delle copertine in modo da usare le stampe di Lize come sovracoperta.
Li trovo bellissimi, non per mia bravura, e volevo condividerli con voi.
Grazie mille Lize.

§ These books are a present from Lize, who, most kindly, has put them in her blog.
Instead of filling them with balsa wood or foam I made pages and covers. Thus doing I could use Lize's printies as book covers.
I think they are beautiful, not for my ability, and I wanted to share them with you.
Thank you very much Lize.

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synnøve ha detto...

They are great!
Good job Rosanna =)

Liberty Biberty ha detto...


Christel Jensen ha detto...

Lovely books and magazines. They look as they are real size:)

kathi ha detto...

Your finished book covers look great!
I still haven't made mine but I will be doing it very soon! Yours are lovely! Lize is such a sweetheart!

Lize ha detto...

Rosanna, thank you so much. It is great to see the books on somebody else's table! I am inspired to make more...

Sans ha detto...

Lize's blog is gorgeous! Although I haven't found the post on the books but you have done a great job, Rosanna! They are very realistic. Be sure to spray them with "Preserve It". Today, I am shifting my dolls and found that some of them have turned slightly mouldy!!!!

Marina ha detto...

Grazie Rosanna di essere passata che piacere. Sì in realtà l'ho imbottita peccato non renda nella foto.
Però mi sa che è troppo grande...forse la devo ridimensionare e modificare ancora un po'.
Ti abbraccio e ti ringrazio ancora...Marinona

Arantxa ha detto...

Wonderfull !!


Anneke ha detto...

wonderfull to see! Just like te magazines in the post below, these are the homey touches a dollhouse needs to look livelike and real! These books an magazines are simply great! and sooo pwitty!!! :D

Katie ha detto...

Just wanted to thank You for the link to Lize's page!! one can never have enough books!! :)