venerdì 27 novembre 2009

regali e pantofole - gifts and slippers

§ Come voi sapete io ho un rapporto amore-odio che mi lega al Servizio Postale.
Lo amo quando fa il suo dovere e lo odio con tutte le mie forze quando latita.
Sans ha provato tante volte a spedirmi piccoli doni, cartoline, pacchetti... niente da fare ! la rotta Singapore /Genova si interrompeva in un punto non meglio precisato.
E così quando qualche giorno fa ho ricevuto una lettera imbottita con dei coloratissimi francobolli non volevo credere ai miei occhi: la rotta si è aperta !!!
Sans mi ha mandato questi cofanetti, sono bellissimi, piccolissimi, si aprono !! e io li adoro.
Eravamo contente entrambe, forse adesso la maledizione del Triangolo del Mediterraneo non ci creerà più fastidio.

§ As you all know I have a love/hate relationship with the Mail Service.
I love it when it does its duty and I loath it when it dissapoints my hopes.
Sans has tried many times to send me gifts, postcards, packages .... nothing to do ! the Singapore/Genoa route was interrupted in a not better defined place.
Then, when some days ago I received a padded envelope with lots of muticoloured stamps, I could not believe my eyes: the route has been opened !!
Sans sent me these caskets, they are beautiful, teeny tiny, they can be opened !! and i love them.
We were both happy, may be now the Mediterranen Triangle curse will not bother us anymore.

§ Anche le pantofoline sono frutto di un dono. La scorsa estate Linda mi ha mandato lo schema per realizzarle. Le ho ricamate subito, sono pronte da Luglio, ma non le ho mai mostrate perchè no trovavo una pelle così sottile da soddisfarmi come suola.
E di nuovo Linda mi è venuta in soccorso mandandomi un pezzo di pelle morbidissima e sottilissima, perfetta per le mie pantofoline.
Le dedico a Lei.
§ These slippers are also a gift. Last summer Linda sent me the patterns to make them. I stitched them immediately, they were ready in July, but I've never shown them because I could not find a leather thin enough to be used as sole.
And again Linda has come to help sending me a patch of the softest, thinnest leather, perfect for my little slippers and scuffs.
They are dedicated to Her.

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Lize ha detto...

Oh wow, those are beautiful! The slippers are so pretty. Did Sans make them? It is annoying to think that those might have disappeared into that void you call the Med Triangle! But they didn't... and I am glad they arrived safely after the long journey to make you happy.

Lize ha detto...

Silly me, I just read that YOU made those pretty slippers! You work so neatly Rosanna!

Anonimo ha detto...

Rosanna sono fantastiche !!!! Sembrano vere!!!!

Caseymini ha detto...

Rosanna, I use old leather gloves for soles. That is the thinnest leather i have found. The slippers are beautiful!

Linda Carswell ha detto...

What a lovely gift from Sans!
You have made a perfect job with the slippers Rosanna....miniature masterpieces.
It is sad to hear of miniatures getting lost in the mail, one must wonder where they end-up and WHY!!
~thank you for the dedication Rosanna~

Kindest Regards, Linda x

(yes, I am still awake!!)

kathi ha detto...

Your little slippers are so pretty!
Beautifully made and SO tiny! :)

Debbie ha detto...

Lovely little gifts from Sans and your little slippers are beautiful Rosanna..xx

Taenia ha detto...

Sans gifts and the slippers are absolutely adorable!

Concerning the mail service... I have the same problem! I already tried a few times to send some mini gifts to a friend of mine who lives in Berlin/ Germany. All the packages got lost somewhere between Austria and Germany. We use to call it the "DÖB" = German- Austrian Bermuda Triangle.

The mail service is sometimes really frustrating!

Hugs, Taenia

sylvia ha detto...

Wonderful gift from Sans, they are so beautiful!!!
I love the slippers also, great job again, perfect!

Love Sylvia

kimsminiatures ha detto...

Lovely gifts Rosanna. I wish mine would show up I'm really nervous for my Christmas gift exchange as she is in Italy and I have such horrible luck mailing to you.
Your slippers are so so pretty and perfect.
Hugs~ Kim

Eva ha detto...

Oh the slippers are soooooooo beautiful. I love it!!
And the little boxes from Sans are pretty too and soooo tiny.
Wonderufl gift!

dale ha detto...

I love the slippers! :)

Sans ha detto...

Happy as happy can, I am! The little boxes (in Singapore, when we say caskets, we meant coffins!) are just test cases. Now hopefully, I can send things I make using the same method of postage. I am worried about the swap with Paula, to be perfectly frank but we will see. Lize, thank you for even Thinking I could make those slippers! They are heavenly, Rosanna :)!

Eva J ha detto...

Those slippers are so perfect, and
I am olmost in love with them!
/Eva J

Sabiha Barkey ha detto...

How good to hear for both of you that the gifts arrived safely,and they are so pretty!
And these slippers are just breath taking!

Just like Casey I also use an old leather glove! Leather used for a purse is also very thin,and perfest to use!


Liberty Biberty ha detto...

The gifts from Sans are beautiful! As are those gorgeous slippers you have made!

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures ha detto...

I just loooove the slippers Rosanna! What kind of canvas did you use to make them?
And the gifts from Sans are really nice too!

Glenda/MidSouth ha detto...

Your slippers are beautiful. Sounds like your postal service is worse than ours - if that is possible.
Hope you are having a great weekend.

Eva Prunella Grandiflora ha detto...

Rosanna! ma sono bellissime le tue scarpine!
Come stai? Una di queste sere ti chiamo. Io sto contando alla rovescia: tra 15 giorni si aprte per andare a dalla mamma!!!!!
>_< yeeeeeeeeee!

TreeFeathers ha detto...

Somehow I missed this post before - wow!! Those slippers are gorgeous!

- Grace