martedì 1 dicembre 2009

Barberia Giacalone in Vico Caprettari

Quattro giorni senza post... una vita per me.
In mancanza di progetti personali voglio regalarvi un'altra briciola di Genova.
Nella foto potete vedere la Barberia Giacalone, 10 mq di raffinata eleganza Liberty.
La barberia risale al 1882, è stata rinnovata e decorata nel 1922 .
Oggi è proprietà del FAI che l'ha ristrutturata e riportata in funzione.
E', infatti, uno dei pochi esercizi commerciali che hanno mantenuto l'arredo storico originale, testimone del momento di passaggio dal Liberty all' Art Déco.
Comunque la consideriate è un vero gioiello pronto a lasciarsi ammirare ogni giorno nel nostro centro Storico.
Mi auguro che vi piaccia.E non dimenticate di cliccare sulla foto per ingrandirla.

Four days without posts... a whole life for me.
Lacking of personal projects I wan to give you another glimpse of Genoa.
In the pic you can see the Barberia Giacalone aka Barber's shop Giacalone, 10 square metres of refined Liberty elegance. Liberty is the Italian name for Art-Nouveau Style.
The barber's shop dates back to 1882 and it was renewed and decorated in 1922.
Now it belongs to FAI which has restructured and put it again in operation.
Actually it is one of the few trading activities which have preserved the original historic furniture and bears witness of the transient period from Art-Nouveau to Art Déco.
Does not matter how you consider it, it is a true jewel ready to let itself daily admired in our Historical Center.
I hope you will like it. And do not forget to click on the pic to make it bigger.

10 commenti:

Ara ha detto...

This is such a wonderful shop!! Thank you for sharing it with us!! Have you ever thought of making it in mini?? :) Hugs, ara

Anonimo ha detto...

Rosanna, che dire, meravigliosissima!!!!

Sabiha Barkey ha detto...

Rosanna,you made my day with this wonderful treat! This is my favorite period!Some day I want to make something in this style,I have many books collected for inspiration....this pic is just fantastic,it is a real treasure to have such a shop in your town!


Liberty Biberty ha detto...

You can take us on a tour of Genoa anytime Rosanna. That barber shop is stunning!

Glenda/MidSouth ha detto...

I always enjoy your tours around your city and on your trips.

Linda Carswell ha detto...

I too enjoy all the little 'glimpses' of your city...looks wonderful!!! I can't wait to come and visit!

Regards, Linda x

Lize ha detto...

The ceilings are unbelievable! What a wonderful view while having a 'wash' or a 'trim'!

Sans ha detto...

We are worlds apart but guess what, both our barbers use the same type of chairs :). They are now collectibles and can be bought at good price. A pub here use it for a contest where someone sits in it with the head back and a gallon of beer is poured down his throat. How ghastly. Such a great picture. If you change the man, I swear you can find such a barber shop in Malacca, Malaysia.

dale ha detto...

Very cool, I love how every inch is decorated.

synnøve ha detto...

Fantastic!!!! I love it!
Like "Ara" says; how about making it in mini?