venerdì 4 dicembre 2009

Swap di Natale 6 - Christmas Swap 6

3....2....1.... via !!!!!

§ Allora, siete pronte ?
Oggi è la data fatidica e i vostri regali dovrebbero essere pronti per la partenza.
Solo così i moderni aiutanti di Gesù Bambino (le Poste ) potranno consegnare in tempo i nostri doni.
Aspetto con ansia le vostre foto. Quelle che ho visto sono una più bella dell'altra.
Complimenti a tutte. !!!!!
§ Well, are you ready ?
Today it is the actual date and your gifts should be ready for launch.
This is the only way for Santa's modern helpers ( the Mail) to bring them to us in time.
I eagerly wait your pitures. The ones I saw were beautiful.
My compliments to you all.

At the same time I want to thank you all for your kind comments and mails.
It's been worth going through this discomfort to receive so much warmth and friendship.
Now, enough of this nonsense, there is no reason to think about it anymore.

Do not forget your pics :o))))))

12 commenti:

Sabiha Barkey ha detto...

oooh I'm so excited...I just sent you a mail with foto's...hope you like it.
Can't wait till it is Christmas!

Thank you for making this possible!


Ara ha detto...

My pictures will be coming soon Rosanna! So excited for this one!! hugs, ara

Sans ha detto...

Argh babe, Monday! I promise. The pic should be ready this weekend or I will have to hand deliver it myself!

Kim ha detto...

I am so excited- and I have learned so much from the 2 swaps I did this christmas. Thank you so much for all the work you did Rosanna- wishing you a wonderful holiday!!

Eva ha detto...

My gift has arrived safely (or at least I hope so..LOL) to its new home in The Netherlands!!!
And I now that probably next week I will receive mine....Yepe!
I do not how I will survive without opening the parcel till Chistmas eve....:)

cockerina ha detto...

quanta grinta!!! allora stai meglio!!! sono felice per te..

ti sto mandando una mail con le foto.. sono trepidante!!!
grazie per questa bellissima prima esperienza, è così emozionante!!

un bacio, Caterina

Reisl Today ha detto...

Mine is all packaged and ready to be posted out on my lunch break :))
I had so much fun doing this swap! Thank you for hosting it!

kathi ha detto...

My gift is ready and will be in the mail tomorrow! I'm so excited!

Jill ha detto...

I just recieved my wonderful swap yesterday! It's so beautiful- I will post pics on my blog also. I'm running a little behind-- haven't even been posting lately. My items will be in the mail to Kat on monday. I'll send you pictures. Thanks so much for orgainizing this-- it's been so fun!

Marja ha detto...

my swap to Ara is already posted day before yesterday ..
and the photo you've already rosanna
exciting ...can't wait till christmas..
rosanna thanks for organizing this Christmas swap ..
xx Marja

Bear cabin miniatures ha detto...

I have posted my gift and sent you pics, I hope you have recieved them. I have also recieved my gift, it's so exciting! Thankyou so much for doing this, you have brought alot of joy and forged new friendships :0)
Julia xxx

kimsminiatures ha detto...

Mine is sent off to Roberta. I'm just so hoping it makes it to here. I don't have the best luck mailing to Italy :(
Thanks so much Rosanna. I will send you pictures soon. Hugs~ Kim