sabato 18 aprile 2009


Help ! I need somebody !
Help ! not just anybody,
Help ! you know I need someone

My dearest British bloggers we need your help.
We are planning a trip to UK next late summer, ie from August 24th to September 7th.
We are going to Scotland and that's not a problem, although Walter and Matteo have never been there I know it a bit hence I know how to move there, but...
We'd like to go back to London by car and I'd like to know which are the best places to visit. I'd love to go to Yorkshire and the Lake District. I've already been in Midlands and I know pretty well the region around Birmingham.
We have 13 full days, not counting the first and the last one which will be taken by flights.
We'd like to stay a week in Scotland, THEY want to stay 3 days in London, hence will have only 3 days to travel from Edimburgh to London.
Can you suggest us anything worth visiting in such a short span of time?
I know that any place would deserve much more time but we'll try to do our best with what we got.
Thank you very much for your help.
If you want you can email me: my address is on my profile.

5 commenti:

Debbie ha detto...

I will consult the map for you Rosanna..x

Sans ha detto...

oooooh, so exciting Rosanna!

Sassy Mini Dolls ha detto...

How fun!!!! :)

Tallulah~Belle ha detto...

How exciting Rosanna...wish I were there and we could meet up.

Birmingham is my home town :-)

Have you been to Stratford Upon Avon and Warwick Castle ? if you've explored the Midlands you probably have.

Katie's Clay Corner ha detto...

Oh WoW! Lucky you! I haven't been to London since I was six....But if Hamelys is still there...It's a huge toystore that the kids would love! Gotta take them to feed the piegon's at Trafalgar Square, too! Sounds like an amazing trip.