domenica 26 aprile 2009


Ieri a casa di un amico ho notato il suo mousepad: una perfetta riproduzione di un tappeto Boukara con frange e tutto. E' stampato, non tessuto, ma al tatto sembra davvero un tappeto soffice e lanoso.
Lui l'ha comprato a Dubai, che non è proprio dietro l'angolo, ma ho trovato il sito internet e, udite udite, vendono per posta e vengono dall'Inghilterra.
Ci sono tantissimi modelli per tutti i gusti dal classico all'etnico ed esistono in due formati: Mouserug che per noi può essere un tappeto da salotto e Coasterrug delle dimensioni di uno scendiletto.
Andate a curiosare ( non ho la percentuale :o)) perchè sono davvero belli.


Yesterday at a friend's home I spotted his mousepad: a perfect reproduction of a Boukara carpet complete with fringes and everything. It is printed, non woven, but when touched it really is soft and wolly.
He bought it in Dubai, which is not exactly round the corner, but I found the web site and, listen listen, they have a eshop and they come from England.
There are many models suitable to any taste from classic to ethnic and they come in two sizes: Mouserug which could be a drawing room carpet and Coasterrug more useful near beds.
Go and have a look ( I take no percentage :o)) because they are really beautiful.

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Sassy Mini Dolls ha detto...

Oh, what a wonderful fine! I'm going to go check it out!!! Thank you, Rosanna! :)

Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Wow! Rosanna that looks amazing! I'll check out the website later, school starts again today, yippeee! Now I must get everyone out of the house, joy!!

Sans ha detto...

Oh, Thank you, sweet Rosanna for letting me know about this. I bought some almost 20 years ago in Turkey. They are machine made and not printed and are to scale too. There is a shop in Arab Street in Singapore that sells handwoven mini carpets -the prints are not so fine but they are handwoven and not expensive. Will try to post my finds and you let me know what you think?

Meli ha detto...

Rosanna thanks for the link. I'm going to have a look!!