domenica 20 settembre 2009

castelli in aria

§ Solo fotografie oggi, per condividere con voi parte del nostro viaggio.

castles in the air
§ Today only pictures, to share with you some of our trip.

Stirling Castle
Castle Campbell

Stalker Castle

Old Lochinver
Kilchurn Castle
Inverness Castle
Inveraray Castle
Glamis Castle
Elcho Castle
Eilean Dolan
Edinburgh Castle
Dunvegan Castle
Doune Castle
Cawdor Castle
Bothwell Castle

16 commenti:

synnøve ha detto...

Wow Rosanna,what a lot of castles!! Did you get to see the inside of some of them too? Looks like a wonderful
trip. I haven´t been to Scotland yet, even though my oldest daughter Cecilie lives there.....but I must go..some day soon!!

Katie ha detto...

Oh Rosanna!! They're beautiful! But I must admit, they make me homesick....I once lived in Scotland and then in Wales....And life has never been the same since! I wanna go back!!

rosanna ha detto...

Hi Synnove, yes, we have been inside all of them and a couple more... they are a must see. You have to go to Scotland, I'm sure you'd fell n love with it.

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) ha detto...

Thank you so much Rosanna for sharing your vacation with us!

When we lived in Portugal, our next country to live in was going to be Scotland, but they sent my dad back home to the U.S. instead so sadly we never went. I was so looking forward to it!


Kim ha detto...

Beautiful and amazing pictures Rosanna! Thank you for sharing them- I bet they are even more breathtaking in person. What a wonderful trip.

Eva ha detto...

One I want to go to is a little bit between reality and fantasy. isn't it? And I love this feeling!
Beautiful pics!!

kathi ha detto...

How beautiful! Scotland must be a wonderful place to visit! Thanks for sharing your photos!
My son and his wife have been there several times and are going back at Thanksgiving time. I sure wish they would take Mom with them sometime!!!

Anonimo ha detto...

What a wonderful trip. I love the old castles. Did you get to see the insides of any of them? I have never travelled out of Canada so all my trips are done through the eyes of others. I appreciate you sharing your trip with me.

Oh I just read your answer to Synnove that you did get to see the insides. Did you get any pictures of the insides?

Linda Carswell ha detto...

These are wonderful holiday's funny that looking at them, I can only think of how 'cold' they must have been to live in...!!! I think you can probably tell that I am looking forward to summer!!

Linda x

paola ha detto...

....un'atmosfera magica!!
Prima o poi ci voglio andare in Scozia e ti chiederò un po' di info!!
Un abbraccio e buona settimana...domani è lunedì!! :0(

Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Wow!! So many wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing them with us Rodsanna.

Stéphanie Kilgast ha detto...

The letter arrived opened?? Oo Did I forget to close it? or did someone else open it??
*scared to death*

Beautiful castles btw :)

marlies ha detto...

Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing.
* marlies

Glenda/MidSouth ha detto...

Thank you so much for sharing your trip. I have never been to Scotland, but would love to go. Why have I not gone? It is that long plane trip across the "big pond". :-)

cockerina ha detto...

che bella la Scozia!!! ci sono stata 16 anni fa e me la ricordo ancora umida e piovosa ma bellissima, così verdi e morbide le sue colline, così severi, maestosi i suoi castelli...
lo fanno ancora lo spettacolo dentro il castello di Edinburgo la sera? il suono commovente delle cornamuse, da pelle d'oca ancora mi risuona nelle orecchie...
grazie per aver condiviso con noi questa vacanza, ti auguro di tornarci, così come vorrei tanto tornarci anch'io...
baci, Caterina

Debbie ha detto...

Beautiful Photographs Rosanna.