giovedì 24 settembre 2009

le Regine Europee dello Shabby Chic

The European Queens of Shabby Chic

Christel Jensen

Lea Frisoni

§ Sto lavorando ad uno swap con Ara e non posso mostrarvi nulla di mio allora ho pensato di rendere omaggio alle Regine Europee dello Stile Shabby: Lea Frisoni e Christel Jensen.
Queste foto, che non rendono assolutamente giustizia al loro lavoro, sono state scattate a Parigi.
Spero che siano di ispirazione per chi in questo momento sta "shabbando" una casetta.
Naturalmente la Regina Americana è Kim, e chi altro ?

§ I'm working at a swap with Ara and I cannot show you anything made by me then I thought of tributing an omage to the European Queens of Shabby Style: Lea Frisoni and Christel Jensen.
These pics, which give absolutely no credit to their work, were shot in Paris.
I hope they will be ispirational for whom is shabbing a house at the moment.
Of course the American Queen is Kim, who else ?

10 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

Sei mitica Rosanna, messaggio recepito!!!!

Ara ha detto...

Thanks for posting these pics, Rosanna! I love this look! I'm working on yours too! Not much longer!! -ara

marlies ha detto...

What a beautiful items they made, thank you for sharing these. Hope to go to the fair in Paris next year!
* marlies

Eva ha detto...

Inspiring pictures Rosanna!
Love the chairs

Linda Carswell ha detto...

Yes....I think I can agree with you Rosanna....certainly two of the VERY best! I have seen Lea's work on several occassions, but I am looking forward to one day meeting Christel....I hope to be in Paris around the time of SIMP next also sounds as though Marlies shall be there...and you must come again....and I'm sure there shall be other 'blog' friends, are you thinking what I'm thinking???..... Yes, we shall all have to have an evening together, sounds like fun to me!!!

rosanna ha detto...

Linda, Marlies, please make it possible. It would be only too wonderful to have the chance and meet each other. I'd love it. And the more we are the better!

Christel Jensen ha detto...

Hi Rosanna. Now I just want to give you a big Italian kiss;) How incredible nice you are:) I am getting inspired.

cockerina ha detto...

toh! io ho lo stesso divanetto della prima foto di Lea... solo che il mio è in un orrendo finto velluto bordeaux...
mi piaceebbe imparare questa tecnica... hai un tutorial free da segnalare, per imparare le basi e fare almeno una piccola prova??
grazie!!! bacio!!

Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Those pictures are truly inspirational Rosanna...I hope to be at SIMP...once the kids have left'll have to wait a few more years for me to get there!

Pubdoll ha detto...

So nice to see these photos!
Lea Frisoni I didn't know of, but I have seen (and bought some of ) Christel's work at the miniature weekends in Stavanger, and it's absolutely beautiful!