giovedì 10 settembre 2009

miniature in Scozia

§ Andando verso la Scozia non potevo fermarmi a Carlisle dove si trova un negozio di Dolls House Emporium.
Francamente il negozio è stato uno delusione ma il Museo delle Miniature annesso....
Beh, quello è fantastico.
In teoria non si potevano fare foto ed io sono stata una brava bambina.
Non sapevo che Walter, con il suo telefonino, stava fotografando tutto quello che poteva!
Ho scelto quelle migliori, purtroppo non rendono granchè l'idea della qualità delle miniature esposte ed è un vero peccato.

La room box sul fondo, con il tavolo Regency e le pareti chiare, è stata fatta da Mulvany & Roger e credetemi sulla fiducia se vi dico che è perfetta e meravigliosa.
Così come i mobili intarsiati della Stanza Francese.

Going towards Scotland I could not help stopping at Carlisle where there is a shop by Dolls House Emporium.
The shop itself has been quite deluding but the Museum of Miniatures nearby....
Well, that is fantastic !
Truly it was not allowed taking pics and I behaved myself like a good girl.
I did no know that Walter, with his mobile, was shooting at anything he could !
I have chosen the best ones, alas they do not give the real idea of the quality of the miniatures and that's truly a pity.

The one at the bottom with the Regency table and light coloured walls is made by Mulvany & Rogers and trust me if I tell you that the plasterings and paintings are flawless and wonderful.
As well as the furniture with marquetry work in the French room.

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Anonimo ha detto...

Welcome back! And thank you to Walter for catching those great photos on his phone.

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) ha detto...

Oh, what a wonderful smile you have!

Even with a phone camera you can see how exquisite the workmanship is!

Thank you, Walter, for taking them!


Sans ha detto...

Sooooooooo happy to see you back :). And Walter, you the best :):)..yea, I am bad with rules too but frankly, I think not much harm was done (?) as hand phone does not have flash and if more people see these pictures, maybe the museum will become more famous and more will visit (theory of free music on internet). Is this "A World In Miniature Museum?"

The pictures you pick are great, Rosanna but you said the Doll House Emporium is no big deal? O dear, my friend is thinking of buying something from their online shop (dollhouses) for an event.

Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Well, tell Walter he is a treasure!
Lovely pics!

Pubdoll ha detto...

Say thanks to Walter from me as well for taking all these wonderful pictures! Some of them I wouldn't have believed were miniatures if you hadn't told us!
And hope you don't mind me saying so, but you look really beautiful!

Creager Studios ha detto...

Missed You.... Sounds like you had a Great Time the miniatures...

Big Hugs to a very Pretty Lady...


Ara ha detto...

These room boxes are amazing!! So glad you had a good trip and are back safely! -ara

kimsminiatures ha detto...

welcome back. I love the dollhouse emporium. Walters sneeky pictures are so wonderful. Thank you for sharing. You look lovely and very happy to be there. I would be too! Big hugs~ Kim

Katie ha detto...

God Bless Walter! Incredible pictures!!! Thank-you for sharing them with us!

I lived in Scotland when I was really little.......wish I could go visit, too! So glad to see you back! :)

Linda Carswell ha detto...

I have missed you so much Rosanna, welcome home!!
A very big thank you to Walter, I am not very happy when you pay your money to go to places like that and they don't allow you to take photos....I to am a 'good girl' and follow the rules....but it doesn't mean I am always happy about it!So I am pleased there are people like your Walter!!

Karin ha detto...

I was last year in "A World in Miniature" and it is so nice and overwhelming. So many roomboxes an so wonderful workmanship!!
If I saw your pictures I remembered the day last September in Carlisle. Thank you for the photos

cockerina ha detto...

che bella la Scozia, ci sono andata anch'io 16 anni fa, però non conoscevo ancora il miniaturismo, me lo son perso..
che belle cose ci hai mostrato, grazie! nonostante il telefonino le foto son venute davvero bene!!

Debbie ha detto...

Great Photographs Rosanna..x