martedì 29 settembre 2009

fanta miniature

§ In mancanza di cose nuove mie... lavoro tanto ma non posso farvi vedere niente ... vi mostrerò queste delizie.
Sono opera di un giovane miniaturista di cui non ricordo il nome, mannaggia a me, ma le trovo favolosamente divertenti.

fanta miniatures

§ Lacking news things made by me ... I work a lot but I cannot show you anything ... I'll show you these delights.
They are work of a new miniaturist of whom I do not remember the name, shame on him, but I think they are fabulously witty.

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synnøve ha detto...

Fantastic dolls! Where did you see them? In my last mag :( I had an artist displaying something like that... from. "The wind in the willow" was a she....?

nikkinikkinikki72 ha detto...

Lovely dolls. I have seen them before, but can't remember who made them.

I sent your gifts today. I was a day late sending because yesterday didn't go to plan.
I put some extra papers in too so you can have a go at covering more books.
Hoping the Italian prints suit your houses.
Nikki xxx

Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Very cute and funny!

Eva ha detto...

WOW!! What a talent!! The dolls are so funny

Linda Carswell ha detto...

They look much character!

Merja ha detto...

Belle bambole! You are so good in handwork.

Sans ha detto...

I have read all the posts I missed in the last month on your blog. I must tell you, I totally share your joy in the wonderful gifts and minis that you have posted about. They are all gorgeous. And I really really really love these dolls..oh Rosanna, if you ever find out who the artist is, do tell me. And if I have the information, (the world is after all very small)I will let you know too.