venerdì 22 gennaio 2010

Fiori?.... per me ?! - Flowers?..... for me ?!

§ Un'altro inizio di giornata meraviglioso !
§ Another wonderful starting of the day !
§ Forse vi ricorderete che qualche tempo fa Jayne, Tallulah Belle, mise in vendita alcune delle sue creazioni.
Non appena letto il post le ho scritto prevedendo una fiera battaglia per procurarseli.
La mia è stata la prima lettera (piccola danza della gioia) così ho potuto scegliere i miei preferiti.
§ May be you remember that some time ago Jayne, Tallulah Belle, decided to sell some of her creations.
As soon as I read the post I wrote to her forseeing a fierce battle to achieve them.
Mine has been the first letter (small happy dance) thus I could choose my best loved ones.

§ It has been MOST DIFFICULT !
§ Ma alla fine ho scelto questi delicatissimi narcisi nella ciotola blu....
§ At the end I made up my mind on these delightful paperwhites in the blu bowl....
§ .... e questi adorabili geranei nella tazza di té. Indovinate dove andranno questi ?
§ .... and these adorable geraniums inside the teacup. Guess where will they go ?

§ Jayne mi ha ulteriormente viziata con dei pacchetti bellissimi, golosi cioccolatini fatti a mano e un ciondolino che adesso è attaccato al mio braccialetto.
Se volete vedere delle foto migliori dei fiori, e ve lo suggerisco caldamente, fate un salto qui.

§Jayne spoilt me too with lovely parcels, yummy handmade chocolates and a little charm which now is dangling from my charms bracelet.
If you want to see better pics of the flowers, and I strongly suggest it, please hop here.

17 commenti:

kathi ha detto...

Jayne makes the most beautiful flowers! Love the paperwhites too!

Claudia ha detto...

Jayne is so talented! I'm so happy you got your favorites from her1


Christel Jensen ha detto...

That was some great flowers Rosanna:) What a cute idea to put them in a cup too. I am glad you are happy:)

Kim ha detto...

I wondered who was the lucky person to purchase the teacup! I am lucky enough to own a floral creation by Jayne also- her work is amazing, such attention to detail! Great choices!

Sans ha detto...

The geraniums in a tea cup is so you, Rosanna! Jayne is a amazing talent! I was looking at the paperwhites and hoping for a closer view. And now I can !!

I kept those same chocolates for a few months before I finally opened them. :):) Really couldn't bear to eat those. They are delicious! Enjoy!

Lize ha detto...

Oh, they are so pretty Rosanna! And the good thing is that they will last forever. I celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary on the 6th of January, and my husband bought me a bouquet of beautiful red roses. Alas they don't last and a week later they had gone off!

Now don't tell Sans I was here! She tells me I hang out here toooo much!!!

Don't forget to show us where you put them!

Tallulah Belle ha detto...

Dear flatter me...thank you. I am blushing now.

I am so pleased you like them. It is hard to get an idea of how tiny they are in photos .... I can't hold one on the tip of my finger and take a photo.

And they are always so much lovelier in real life than in the pictures.

I hope you enjoy them for a long time and can't wait to see photos of them in situ xxx

Anonimo ha detto...

ciao Ro! anche io sono proprio curiosa di vederli in situ! Ich liebe die Geranien in der Teetasse!
tanti baci Fiore svizzero

Debie Lyons ha detto...

Rosanna you have some beautiful flowers made by the best floral miniature artist I know. I am so happy that you managed to get them.
Debie xxxx

Sans ha detto...

I caaaaaan hear you, Lize ! :):)

PS Almost, Rosanna, almost ! :)

Linda Carswell ha detto...

You bought 2 adorable pieces Rosanna...I love Jayne's flowers, they look wonderful.

Enjoy...Linda x

Meli ha detto...

Great buy Rosanna!!! They look so real!!! Love Jayne flowers.

Sabiha Barkey ha detto...

wow, how cute are these!
I'm so happy you got these wonderfull gifts from the talented Jayne!

Sabiha Barkey ha detto...

wow, how cute are these!
I'm so happy you got these wonderfull gifts from the talented Jayne!

synnøve ha detto...

They are SO CUTE Rosanna!!! And yes, show us where you place them ;-)

TreeFeathers ha detto...

Love the flowers! Jayne does such amazing work, doesn't she? She made me some red geraniums a while back for one of my New Mexico scenes, and I just love 'em!

- Grace

Anonimo ha detto...

Sono bellissimi! Cosi piccoli e carini.
Ciao, Helena