lunedì 18 gennaio 2010

ricami - stitchings

§ Alcuni di voi mi hanno chiesto se vendo i miei ricami.
Ebbene sì, se me ne fanno richiesta li vendo .
Infatti il fatto di venderli è un'ottima scusa per poter continuare a ricamare senza annegarci dentro.
E' stato molto difficile decidere il prezzo per i miei lavoretti. Dopo molte elucubrazioni, e dopo essermi consultata con altr
e miniaturiste, ho preso la decisione di farmi pagare ad ore.
Purtroppo i miei lavorini sono luuuunghi da fare, alcuni mortalmente lunghi.
Ho ritenuto che € 5.00 l'ora potesse essere una tariffa giusta.
Il tempo medio per un copriteiera va dalle 8 alla 12 ore, tutto dipende dal materiale del fondo e dal numero dei colori
necessari.Per il Faro sono stati necessari 14 cambi di colore e 12 ore di lavoro.
Quando qualcuno mi fa una richiesta specifica cerco di ricamare almeno due opzioni dello stesso soggetto per poter permettere la scelta. Comunque ogni lavoro è un pezzo unico e gli schemi sono disegnati da me o adattati alle miniature partendo da ricami in scala reale.
Non metto mai in conto il materiale o la spedizione a meno che qualcuno non voglia una Raccomandata.
Spero di essere stata utile a chi mi ha chiesto informazioni.
Comunque il mio migliore guadagno sono sempre gli SWAP !!!

PS mi rendo conto adesso che questo post può sembrare poco carino nei confronti di chi ha ricevuto uno dei miei oggettini. Voglio dire che io adoro ricamarli e non c'è niente che ami di più che scambiarli con persone amiche.

§ Some of you asked me if I sell my stitchings.
Well, yes, I do sell them.
Actually selling them is a very good excuse to keep on stitching without drowing into them.
It has been very hard to decide the price for my little works. I asked other miniaturists for counselling and I decided to be paid by hours of work.
Alas my wee works are veeeery long to do, some of them deadly long.
I thought that € 5.00 per hour could be fair.
The average time for a teacosy is between 8 and 12 hours, everything depends of the background fabric and by the number of colours involved. The Lighthouse took me 12 hours and 14 different shades of threads.
When someone asks for a customized order I try to stitch at least two different options of the same subject to give the choice. Anyway each piece is OOAK and the patterns are either disegned by me or adapted to mini world by real scale ones.
I never charge the raw material or Mail expenses unless someone wants it registered.
I hope I have been useful to those who asked me.
Anyway my best bargain are always SWAPS !!!

PS I realize now that this post might seem unnice to those who received my objects. I just want to say that I love doing them and there is nothing that I love more than swapping them with friends.

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Lize ha detto...

Your work is so beautiful Rosanna, and it is a shame that handiwork so beautiful can be sold for as little as 5 Euro per hour. It is really the basic salary per hour in most developed countries t. But on the other hand, if you ask what should be reasonable, it would be unaffordable. But is is the same for most crafts made by hand!

Kim ha detto...

I honestly think the same as Lize- that your work should be worth much more. I have never seen such exquisite miniature stitching as yours- and I know you do your own patterns also- which is more amazing to me. When someone receives something you have stitched it is not just a miniature- it is a piece of artwork.

kathi ha detto...

I am so happy to have the three little Christmas stocking you made for me. I think they are priceless.
Maybe I should take out some insurance on them? :D
I hope you enjoy making things to sell and that it doesn't get tiresome for you. I'm sure you will have lots of customers!

by Sonya Rotella ha detto...

Rosanna i tuoi lavori sono bellissimi e non li devi svendere per nessun motivo. Sono pezzi unici fatti con il cuore e si vede!
Appena avrò deciso i colori della soffitta della mia casa parigina (le foto sono sul mio blog) avro' bisogno di un tuo copriteiera....preparati :-)

karina content ha detto...

I love your work so much

Eva ha detto...

Good initiative Rosanna, Although I think like Lize or Kim but it is very difficult to put price to the hnd craft work. Very difficults because normally we need a lot of hours to do it.
I am also thinking to try to finance my hobbie selling items but I am still not decided...

shannonc60 ha detto...

So pretty Rosanna. I especially love the little slippers.

Sans ha detto...

Just to let you know, Ro, your post not only did not make me , who's a lucky recipient of one of your pillows feel bad, it had the opposite effect! It is always difficult to post about the value of your work, especially when it is an assessment of your own. You are always worried that others do not see it your way. It is safe therefore to undervalue, right?

Personally, I think E$5 per hour is a good start. A fantastic 1/2 way measure. Not too pricey but good way to compensate for your time. It will never be as good as your day job though, we both know that. I was told by an IGMA artisan once that she would never be able to survive on her art alone :).

I love your work but more importantly, I love you as a friend and because of our relationship, it makes money between us awkward, at least from your viewpoint. I will gladly pay for it, my dear friend and if you will not accept my money, I think barter trade (of what you want) is the next best thing! One day, I hope I can make things befitting of your standard. Until then, I will always feel that what I give you is a fraction in value to what you do for me!

Jill ha detto...

Oh Rosanna, I was lucky enough to have won one of your wonderful giveaways. I absolutely love my beautiful "little nest" pillow and lovely little teacozy. It's a privelege to have them in The Little Pink House. Someday I hope to develope a mini specialty that I can swap with other miniaturists. I still feel like such a newbie compared to all of you experienced miniaturists!

Ara ha detto...

I think its good for us all to think about what our work is worth... that way when people ask about selling things we won't be caught off guard and say too low of a price! I think your work is worth every penny plus much more! hugs, ara

Katy ha detto...

Complimenti i tui lavori sono veri capolavori...adoro le scarpine, sei proprio un'artista!
Ciao Katy.

Gemma ha detto...

Rossana il post è perfetto,le coprittetiere sono bellissime e si guarda che hanno molto lavoro e si fanno con molto piacere e amore come tutto lo che fai. Un bacione

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan ha detto...

Bellisimo trabajo!!

dale ha detto...

Rosanna, your stitching is exquisite and I love getting to see it.

I agree, it's very hard to price miniature work, as the hours are always much more than most are willing to pay. :(

I think you only can really tell once you start selling, how much the market will bear. Sometimes, you can charge a little more for some and a little less for others. If that makes sense. ;)