domenica 7 giugno 2009

casa carbone

La Liguria non ha solo splendidi panorami da offrire a chi vi si reca ma anche testimonianze di vita passata, più o meno lontana.
Un esempio è Casa Carbone a Lavagna che è stata abitata dai  fratelli Emanuele e Siria Raffo fino al 1993 anno in cui fu donata al FAI come testimonianza di una casa dove il tempo si è fermato.
 Oggi sono andata a visitarla con  Matteo; purtroppo le fotografie non rendono molto non potendo usare flash o cavalletto però potete andare sul link  oppure cliccare su FAI nel mio elenco link e godervi un tour virtuale.
Ne vale la carbone

Liguria has not only gorgeous landscapes to offer at its visitors but it also has many samples  of a past life, may be far or near in time.
One of these sample is Casa Carbone in Lavagna which has ben lived in by Emanuele and Siria Raffo, brother and sister, until 1993 when it was donated to FAI as a testimony of a house where time has stopped.
Today Matteo an I have gone visiting it; unfrtunately the photos are very poor since I could not use flash or a tripod but you can click on the link  or on FAI at my link list and enjoy a virtual tour.
It is worth of it. At the same time you'll be able to give a look to some of the most incredible places in Italy.
Katie, do you remember the villa in "Clones War"? The set was at Villa del Balbianello,Lenno (CO) on Como Lake. Go and have a look: it is a real eye candy.

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Sassy M ha detto...

Lovely photo of you and Matteo! Thank you for sharing your outing with us today! Wouldn't those rooms look wonderful in miniature!! Hugs :)

Linda Carswell ha detto...

Thank you for letting us be a tourist with you...(must add this to my list of places to visit)...your photos are lovely and they would look wonderful in miniature!!

Sans ha detto...

My goodness, Matteo looks like a replica of Mummy except Mummy is the small version :)!

I love the rooms, Rosanna. Until I read the English translation, I was wondering if they are minis. The fans on the walls are gorgeous. I took pictures of the Christian Lacroix show with my handphone and do not know yet how to download it. But the costumes are amazing and will look incredible in a mini version. Like these rooms settings.

Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Rosanna, what a lovely photo! You look different in photo I see of you!
Thank you for taking us on this little tour!

Tallulah~Belle ha detto...

beautiful photos Rosanna.

Matteo is very handsome...but I thought he was a toddler lol...that must have been an old photo at the piano :-)

Josje Veenenbos, ha detto...

Haha, yes I thought Matteo was much younger too... My son's name is Matthijs, which translated into Italian would also be Matteo!
Lovely photo's, and you look beautiful.