venerdì 5 giugno 2009

ceramiche italiane

Vorrei condividere con voi lo splendido lavoro di una miniaturista italiana, Elisabetta Buffati.
Crea bellissime ceramiche di stile rustico, lavorate al tornio e dipinte a mano.
Io le ho viste dal vero a Miniaturitalia e posso garantire che sono spettacolari.
Per ovvi motivi non allego fotografie ma andate a vederle sul sito, ne vale la pena.
Per un collegamento diretto andate su "ceramiche italiane" sul mio elenco link.

italian ceramics

I'd like to share with you the wonderful work of an Italian artist, Elisabetta Buffati.
She creates beautiful ceramics in a rustic style, worked at the wheel and handpainted.
I've seen them real at Miniaturitalia and I can guarantee that they are gorgeous.
For obvious reason I cannot add pics but please go and have a look at her website, it is really worth of it.
For a direct connection go to my link list and click on "ceramiche italiane"

5 commenti:

Linda Carswell ha detto...

Rosanna, thank you so much for the link, I have had a look....and now I want a piece!!! Her work is wonderful, I hope you bought some when your saw her at a 'show'.
Linda x

rosanna ha detto...

Unfortunately I had run short of money but my cousin Alessia ( the other mini mad) bought some pieces and we spent the journey back home looking at them. They are really wonderful

Sassy M ha detto...

OMG, what exquisite pottery! I see what she is going to be at Chicago Int' in 2010 and I am PLANNING on going!!!! Hey, Rosanna, why don't you come too!!! Hugs :)

Sans ha detto...

Rosanna, that is an amazing link. I definitely want some of that too. I can see how the rustic range with some modification can work really well in some of my Indian tribal homes. THANK YOU! Love it! U have been looking for the right kitchen ware for the longest time.

Josje Veenenbos, ha detto...

Thank you for that link Rosanna, that is wonderful pottery. I love the page where she shows the process of making all those pots! I'm sorry now I didn't go to the show in Soest (Germany) last week, where I could have seen her work.