martedì 16 giugno 2009

light award

Oh my goodness!!!
I have been granted this award three times! by Sans , Jodi Marsha
I feel embarassed, grateful and moved.

The rules of this award are:

1.-To complete the following phrase: I AM A LIGHT AND WANT TO ILLUMINATE...

2. - Link the blog from where the award came from and leave a message informing that person it has been received.

3.- Link and pass the award to five blogs that, in your opinion, are blogs of light.

Well, I have linked the blogs or at list I have written their names since I do not manage to create links any more.
I have though about the blogs to whom I want to pass it: it has been a difficult task. Most blogs I wish to give it to have already received it.
Now I have to finish the sentence...and that's hard mostly after Sans poetic exploit !

Let me explain: I'm not so pretentious to believe that I can be of any light for anybody. I am looking for the light, I am struggling to reach peace of mind and what I think is the most important virtue: I am looking for charity and love.
You can find it only if you are willing to give it and to share your feelings with other people. It must not be an effort though, it must come from the deep of your heart.
I had tough days in my life, very tough but I understood what was really worth in my life and I found a source of strenght in me which I never dreamt of.
Compassion, charity and love, these are the things I'm looking for and if they show out from me only a tiny bit, then I shall be a light.
Forgive this nonsense, take it as a little outburst and thank you all my far, far away friends.

Now this award goes to
They illuminate my life with the beauty ot their works and their painstackingly effort to reach perfection.
Linda whose dishes are so beautiful that they cheer me up all the day long
Kat who always makes me smile with her funny hats and lovely witchy images
Mercedes whose creativity and ingenuity surprise me every time.

Big hugs to you all

10 commenti:

Sassy M ha detto...

Dear Rosanna, it's an award well deserved. You are an inspiration of what we all as human beings should strive for. Hugs, Marsha

Linda Carswell ha detto...

Hello Rosanna,
Your words really touched me!!
Thank you for the 'award' if my little miniature world brightens any one elses day, then that makes me very happy!!
Enjoy your week-end, travel safely, I shall look forward to hearing all about it!!

Regards, Linda x

Sans ha detto...

Rosanna, you mustn't make me cry so much! :). But I can tell you one thing, when I first got the light award, your name just pops up immediately, yours and Merce but she was gifted with the same award by Eva too. No one can hide for long, even though blogoland is just words. Your personality came through just from a few emails and posts. Though you may not think you are "illuminating", to quote Debbie Boone "You Light Upppppp, My, aye aye aye life". :) This award is amazingly soppy but I love it ..LOL

Creager Studios ha detto...

Dear Rosanna... You are truly a light that shines brightly in our lives...


Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Thank you dear Rosanna, it is an honour to accept this award from you. Your friendship and emails light up my day!

Jemjoop ha detto...

Congratulations on your awards, well done :O)

Marian ha detto...

Hello Rosanna.
In my blog (premios, Ihave a present for you.
Congratulations by your woks.

Kim ha detto...

Rosanna- You are a light- you have shown me and others compassion and caring and it comes through in the words you write here and your comments to others! You are very deserving of this award :)

linsminis ha detto... deserve are a lovely person & thank you for passing the award on to me! I'm not sure that I deserve it as much!

Josje Veenenbos, ha detto...

Rosanna, I couldn't agree with you more: "I AM A LIGHT AND I WANT TO ILLUMINATE...
Let me explain: I'm not so pretentious to believe that I can be of any light for anybody. I am looking for the light, I am struggling to reach peace of mind...." Beautifully said!
How lovely of you to say my miniatures illuminate your life, it is making me blush but I feel truly honoured!
Thank you very much!