domenica 14 giugno 2009


Cari amici, un'altra giornata da turista. Walter è andato ad una gara di golf così io e Matteo siamo andati a Portofino. Che è a soli 30' di treno da casa nostra.
La giornata era fantastica e le foto, anche se di scarsa qualità parlano da sole.
Come vorrei organizzare una gita collettiva!

La Piazzetta dal Monte
The Piazzetta from the Monte

Dear friends, another day as a tourist. Walter went a golf competition and Matteo and I went to Portofino. Which is only 30' train far from our home.
The weather was gorgeous and the photos, however poor, talk by themselves.
How I'd like to organize a collective trip !
Casa Gialla a Paraggi vi ricordate il panorama dalla room box " la Casa Gialla"?
Yellow House at Paraggi do you remember the view from the "Yellow House" room box?
Golfetto di Paraggi
Paraggi Haven

13 commenti:

Glenda/MidSouth ha detto...

Great photos! Looks like a nice place to visit.

Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Oh, how I would like to be on that collective day Rosanna!
Stunning photos!

Caseymini ha detto...

Rosanna, I think that I must have lived in your area in another lifetime. I love the photos of Portofino. It si beautiful! Thanks!

Linda Carswell ha detto...

Hopefully next is always been my desire to visit there!!! Perhaps when I come to visit you, we can all go together!!!..sounds like fun? Your photos are wonderful!

Regards, Linda x

Sans ha detto...

You will count me in ? Portofino, even the name sounds gorgeous. I bet the food is fab as well. You are one lucky gal to live in this gorgeous Genoa. I may never leave once I stepped into Genoa. Did you get a tan?

Jill ha detto...

Such beautiful photos! I'm adding Portofino on my "Places to Visit" List!

rosanna ha detto...

Trust me, it is much better in real life. And yes, I'm a lucky gal to live in these surroundings. My countryland is truly beautiful.
Sans I do not know how is the food right here: they are used to people like Catherine Zeta Jones, Will Smith and others like them. The prices are real TOOOO high for an average chap. But if you go to the nearby villages you can find the most appetising sea food.I wish I can take all of you here.

Sans ha detto...

Rosanna, my dear, you are my "Blog of Light". Will you come over for some tea? It's cheaper and quieter, no celebrity!( shucks, the poetry won't stop!)

Creager Studios ha detto... time I figure out a way to hide in your suitcase and come along on this WONDERFUL Journey you are taking us all on...I want to be there in person...
Thank You for sharing all this beauty with us....


Creager Studios ha detto...

Dear Rosanna...

I left a little Award for you on my Blog...


Ana Anselmo ha detto...

I have been in Italy for several times, and I always loved it! this pace is (also) so beautiful!

Sassy M ha detto...

Oh, Rosanna, you make me want to go to Italy! One day . . . I have an award for you over on my blog! :)

Jemjoop ha detto...

Stunning pictures. I would like to transport myself into these and visit the places too :O)