venerdì 26 giugno 2009

Eye candy

Tavolino ovale impiallicciato in radica con dettagli in bronzo dorato
Oval table with briar wood veneer and gilded bronze details

Copia dello scrittoio di Maria Antonietta, ovviamente tutti i cassetti sono veri
Copy of Marie Antoniette's scriptorie, obviously all the drawers open

Scrittoio laccato in stile cinese del 1700
Laquered writing desk in Chinese Style ( 1700)
Ricami su garza di seta: bellissimi ! a prezzi impossibili. Meno male che a me piace farli
Silk gauze stitchings: beautiful ! at impossible prices. It's a fortune that I love doing them
Giochi di società, la foto non rende, erano perfetti
Family games, the pic does not give them justice, they were perfect

Purtroppo le foto sono orribili ma ecco alcuni dei pezzi che mi hanno lasciato senza fiato al SIMP. Anche per i prezzi , lo scrittoio costava la modica cifra di E 1350.00 ! Ma era STUPENDO !!!
Ogni giorno vi farò vedere qualcosa di nuovo, spero che vi faccia piacere.

Alas the pics are awful but here there are some of the goodies which have left me breathless at SIMP.
For the prices too, the scriptoire is worth of the humble sum of E 1350.00 ! But it was WONDERFUL !!!
Everyday I'll show you something new, I hope you'll appreciate it.

PS le foto si ingrandiscono.
PS you can make the pics bigger

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dora ha detto...

!Que preciosidades! y !que precios!.
No obstante es una delicia para la vista. Maravilloso todo.
Si Pudiera tambien iria a verlo.
Un abrazo Carmen

Sassy M ha detto...

OMG, that is truly eye candy!! What absolutely exquisite miniatures! That Chinese writing desk is just fabulous! I look forward to more pictures, Rosanna! :) Marsha

Sans ha detto...

Rosanna, thank you for sharing all these beautiful artisan's work! They are unaffordable but good to emulate! Exquisite, simply exquisite especially the Chinese table, (sorry is that 55 euros?) I love that one soooooo much.

Kim ha detto...

oh, I am also so very in love with the chinese writing desk. I am grateful you post pictures for those of us unable to attend. Beautiful!

Pubdoll ha detto...

Rosanna, thank you for posting all these wonderful pictures! I'm so looking forward to see more of them!
I love the laquered writing desk in Chinese Style, but I guess that wasn't cheap neither!
I love hearing about such high prices, makes me feel I don't use far to much money on my doll's houses after all :-)

Debbie ha detto...

Wonderful eye candy Rosanna. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your pictures. xxx

MiniKat ha detto...


rosanna ha detto...

Answer to Sans: unfortunately 55 was the number in catalogue, otherwise I should have bought it in no time. I'm afraid that its price was well over E 1200.00. An average mounty in Italy! Lucky who can afford it.
Anyway ALL the most pricey goodies were sold. Amazing, isn't it?

Glenda/MidSouth ha detto...

Wow! Love it all - thanks for sharing.

Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Amazing! Lucky we can all make our own furniture with bottle tops and scraps of wood!

sylvia ha detto...

Hi rosanna,

Thank you so much for the thea cozy and other gifts, they are beautiful.
My internet at home doesn't work, so I place the pictures later this week.

Love Sylvia

Mirel ha detto...

Wow, that really is eye candy, can´t waite to see the rest.

Josje, ha detto...

Thank you for posting pictures of these stunning miniatures! I love the furniture, especially the chinese style desk. Who made it, do you know? (I'd love to make something like that myself!)
And then the embroidery....o my...I think I would have bought that Queen Anne chair there on the right, even if I would have gone into Credit-card debt, lol!!
I agree with Pubdoll about wanting to hear about prices, it does put some perspective on things. Now mind you, I'm not averse to a little spending myself! It does give me an idea of how much I have to put into the piggy-bank every week if I want to be able to buy something like that ;)
Thanks again for sharing!

rosanna ha detto...

Unfortunately I do not remember the name of the maker and they di not have cards availabe.

Ara ha detto...

Beautiful!! As someone who loves to make furniture this is a really imspiring post!! Love all these!! -ara