sabato 8 agosto 2009

un cuscino per Sabiha

§ Questo è il mio ultimo cuscino. E' stato fatto per Sabiha, che è stata così gentile da costruire una scaletta per la mia cucina.
Purtroppo non posso ancora mostrarvela perchè la Posta la tiene in ostaggio ma non perdo le speranze.
Sab è stata così carina da postarlo sul suo blog Sab Mini Interiors, tra poco vi farò vedere quello che sto facendo per la mia panca.

Sabiha's pillow

§ This is my last pillow. I has been done for Sabiha, who has been so kind to build a ladder for my kitchen.
Unfortunately I cannot show it to you because Mail Service has kidnapped it but I do not give up hope.
Sab has been so nice to make a post of t on her blog Sab Mini Interiors, soon I'll show you the one I'm doing for my own bench.

11 commenti:

Marsha ha detto...

What a beautiful pillow and it even has her name on it! Fantastic! I hope you get your ladder soon. Do you have to pay a ransom? Hugs, Marsha

Linda Carswell ha detto...

Rosanna, once again a miniature work of art!! So very very beautiful, plus for Sabiha to have her name on it wonderful!!

Linda x

Sans ha detto...

Rosanna, I have to say this one is fighting closely to be the most beautiful! I simply love it. If I have your hands, I will copy this pattern. I have displayed yours in a scene and my sis says they really glamourise.

It is sad that my parcel never reached you too. Also a postcard! Is there a postal strike there? Or a mini lover in the post office?

sylvia ha detto...

Again soo beautiful, perfect and I now Sabiha is very happy with it!

dora ha detto...

Muy bonito Rossana, !!Que bien se te dá la aguja!! genial.
besitos Carmen

Debbie ha detto...

As always Rosanna you amaze me with your needlework. Beautiful xxx

Minna ha detto...

Beautiful. You make excellent work.

Never Enough Time ha detto...

Rosanna, the pillow is perfect. And I just love your tea cozies.
You are so talented.

Eva ha detto...

As always.. gorgeous!

Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Rosanna, that pillow is some of your finest work, absolutley stunning and it's looks wonderful on Sabiha's bench.

Sabiha Barkey ha detto...

Hi Rosanna,I showed your needlework to anyone who comes is so beautiful! My sister is working on a piece for me...and it takes her a long time to finish it...she could not beleive how quick you are!

I do hope my parcel reach your addres too? The steps I made for you came out even more beautiful as mine!