venerdì 13 febbraio 2009

San Valentino

Prima cosa: non amo San Valentino!
Quella che poteva e doveva rimanere una festa dell' amore in tutti sensi, tra amici, fidanzati, e perchè no, colleghi e compagni di scuola, è stata degradata a fiera del commercio.
Tutti a comprare cioccolatini, biancheria intima e rose rosse come se piovesse e molto spesso senza neppure sapere perchè. Solo perchè devono.
Io mi rifiuto di comprare alcunchè ma so che a tutti fa piacere un pensierino così l'anno scorso ho preparato questa cartolia a Walter.
E' tutto lavoro di riciclo ( notate il ditale che serve da glacette), l'ho fatta in due giorni ma il poster ritrae noi due in un momento felice e la tappezzeria è proprio il rosso che ci piacerebbe avere in casa se solo fosse un po' più luminosa.
Questa è la mia idea di San Valentino, un pensiero speciale solo per LA persona speciale che è vicino a noi.
Ed è per questo che auguro a tutti voi, amici di blog, un felicissimo San Valentino con chi amate.

Valentine's Day

First thing: I do not like Valentine's Day!
What could, and should, have been a celebration of love in any aspect, between friends, lovers and, why not, collegues and school fellows has been degraded to a business affair.
Everyone compulsively buying chocolates, lingerie and red roses and most of the times without even knowing why. Just because they have to.
I refuse to buy anything but I know that everyone loves a small present thus, last year, I prepared this card for Walter.
It is all ricicled ( look at the thimble dressed like a wine cooler), I did it in two days but the pic show us in a happy moment and the wall paper is just the hue of red which we'd like in our home if it only be a little sunnier.
This is my idea of Valentine, a special thought just for THE special person who is near us.
This is why I wish to you, my blog friends, the happiest Valentine's Day with whom you love.

7 commenti:

Liberty Biberty ha detto...

Rosanna, that is so cute! I love your photo in there. And thanks for writing it all in English too!
Enjoy your day!

shannonc60 ha detto...

I think it's cute too! I especially like the pictures on the wall. Very sweet.

Anonimo ha detto...

I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have never celebrated Valentines Day and my husband has treated me like his sweetheart every day of the year. But I do love the scene you made and the thimble makes a wonderful wine cooler!

Daisy ha detto...

Hi Rosanna, happy Valentine to you too.

Sandra Morris ha detto...

I was shopping earlier today and men were running around the shop snatching cards and chocolates as if their lives depended on it.
It's as if, without a tangible expression of love, it doesn't exist.
Very sad............

Never Enough Time ha detto...

The Valentines scene is pretty.
I don't spend too much on Valentine's day because I feel like I am just recovering from Christmas. I was so pleased that my teenage son brought me a rose.

Silke Janas-Schloesser ha detto...

This is absolutly wonderful !!!!