sabato 7 febbraio 2009


It has been a hard day and night,

I have been working like a dog,

It has been a hard day and night

I will be sleeping like a log ...

Così cantavano i Beatles e così mi sento stasera, stanca morta.
Oggi sono stata tutto il giorno in negozio e davvero i clienti ti succhiano il sangue!
Tanti saluti e buonanotte a tutti, domani lavorerò alle mie mini e allora mi sarà passato tutto.

Thus the Beatles sang and I feel tonight, deadly tired.
Today I have done full time at the shop and customers suck your blood for true!
Many greetings and good night to everybody, tomorrow I'll work at my minis and then everything wiil be over.

3 commenti:

marlies ha detto...

Good night for you too, Rosanna!
* marlies

Jayne ha detto...

Hope you get a good night's sleep. I know what it is like when you work so hard. It can be very draining.

Love Jayne xxx

Debbies-English-Treasures ha detto...

Sleep tight!
Have pink sweet dreams!
By the way, I have two Awards for YOU!
Debbie Moss